G2 Korean BBQ, Melbourne

Miss Pandan had a craving for Korean BBQ (KBBQ for the cool kiddies) and Mr D couldn’t pass up the chance to have Korean (yep, he’s a HUGE fan!) we set off into the city in search for some KBBQ. Since it was Good Friday, you can count on the restaurants in the city to be opened. Luckily, G2 wasn’t too full yet and we all rushed in to get a table. We were led upstairs and to my surprise it hasn’t filled up yet (SCORE!). There’s a real cage-y setting with vents for the BBQ for each table which is essential since you don’t want to be smokey-fied.

BBQ setup

The staff were super friendly explained to us what they had or ran out of. We decided to go with 2 of the G2 Angus Course banquet ($55 per serving) where we get one entree to share and a dessert each (I’m missing out…). We ended up getting the kimchi pancake and added in the deep fried prawn dumplings and jap-chae. Now, the three angus beef came out and boy oh boy, did it smell delish! All so juicy, all so tender, and you just dip it in the sauces!

With any KBBQ, you get awesome sauce sides. At G2 you get pickled onions, kimchi (of course), seaweed salad and beanshoots. Now, the seaweed salad is the BOMB, I could not stop eating this!

After a gazillion years later, the kimchi pancake finally arrived and Mr D and I ABSOLUTELY smashed it. As you know, I can’t handle my spiciness and this was spicy (way spicier than KFC wicked wings let me tell you). Usually it comes with a side of sauce but I was informed that you use the signature G2 sweet soy sauce.

Kimchi Pancake

After devouring the savoury dishes, we were still waiting for the dumplings and jap-chae. It turned out that something went haywire with the machine and the order didn’t go through. The manager took two drinks off the bill and on top of that, gave us 10% off for the mishap. That is what I call customer service. 10 points to Gryffindor! Now, time for dessert! Miss Pandan got the mango sorbet and when it came out, I couldn’t stop giggling due to it’s unfortunate placement of the berries. This was so refreshing and very mango-y.

Mango Sorbet

Mr D got the tiramisu (surprise, surprise) and it was very dense with a very strong (too strong) hint of rum. Neither of us really enjoyed this dessert which is a shame since Mr D was hanging to try it.


The customer service here is AMAZEBALL, the angus beef in the banquet was so tender and mouth-watering and the price is reasonable. The casual environment gives this eatery a place where you can meet up with friends or even a date. G2, I’ll be back to try out my beloved jap-chae.

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301 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Tel: (03) 9642 3424
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