Scoopy Milk Bar, Melbourne

Scoopy Milk Bar is the first Bingsu specialty dessert bar located in HWKR Food court. Its bright store with cute stickers and delicious mountainous shaved ice, you are definitely in for a treat. Various flavours AND happy staff, make sure you nab a table because you’re going to need to sit down to eat these bad boys.

Matcha lovers, the matcha bonsai is for you. Bitterness from the matcha, sweetness from the condensed milk and fluffiness from the whipped cream, it was fantabulous!

Matcha Bonsai – $13 (regular)
Matcha green tea flavoured bingsu with sweet red bean mochi, lychee popping pearls, chocolate soil, topped with house-made whipped cream, toasted almond flakes served with condensed milk.

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Miss Korea Kitchen, Camberwell

Whilst walking around Camberwell looking for a quick feed we stumbled upon Miss Korea Kitchen and I’m a sucker for Korean food (thank you Mr D for introducing kimchi into my life) so we plopped our booties down and flicked through the menu. The staff greeted us with massive smiles on their faces and it had such a casual ambiance.

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Gukbab, Melbourne

Korean food is always our comfort food and so when the girlies wanted to check out Gukbab. Located on Little Lonsdale St, there are heaps of Korean restaurants around. Walking in, the staff were super friendly and showed us to our table and we started our Korean feast. Also, make sure you make a booking because it gets super busy.

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Paik’s BBQ, Melbourne

Located on Little Lonsdale Street sits a Korean BBQ in a stand-alone brick building, Paik’s BBQ. It’s much bigger than it looks and it gets super busy, so make sure you have a reservation before you turn up. Oh, I wouldn’t wear my best clothes either because all the smokiness will get into your clothes. As we stepped in the staff greeted up with all smiles and enthusiasm and was shown to our table. Looking over the menu, we started our meaty night! 

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Korchi, Clayton

Exploring Clayton for a feed, we landed on Korchi for some korean goodness. Located close to Clayton station, there isn’t a lot of parking around so you might have to park a few streets down and walk there. On a Friday lunch, it was quite busy but we got a seat for 5 within 5 minutes (crowds of people were starting to leave already). We got a seat, menus to check out and put our order through.

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Marroo, Melbourne

I finally resigned and the crew (yep, I said crew but it’s more like a little group) decided to go have some K-BBQ as a catch up. We arrived at 6PM on a Saturday and had a booking. At this time, it was quite empty and only started to fill up at 7PM. So we decided to get the all you can eat dinner buffet for $39.90 (the seafood is an extra $10) and there’s a huge selection which you can choose from. However, if you don’t finish it, you’ll have to pay a fee.

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Chop Shop, Melbourne CBD

Mr D and I haven’t been around in the CBD in a while and we needed to refuel before we hit the town for some drinkies. Walking down Swanston street, we eyed Chop Shop and of course Mr D is all for Korean and this place promised Modern KBBQ. We skipped inside and since it was only 5:30PM on a Saturday night (yep, we eat at elderly people time) there weren’t a lot of customers around.

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Da Rin – Korean Fried Chicken, Melbourne CBD

An outing with the stooges can only mean one thing, GLORIOUS FOOD! Since I was no longer a westie *cries silently inside* this meant that we had to eat in the CBD. Stooge 1 was craving Korean food and we decided on Da Rin in Bourke Street. We made a booking for a Tuesday night but when we arrived, it wasn’t busy at all so we just walked straight in. We were seated at our tables and the cutlery were oh so cute, like it was telling us “get ready for some food in ya belly”.

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Seoulja Boy, Melbourne

There’s a new eatery in town and it’s not for the fainted heart. If you love Korean food, hip hop and a place where you can just chill then you should definitely hit up the new and happening Seoulja Boy. They have just had their launch which had a live DJ, food and drinks pouring from the tap.

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NeNe Chicken, Maribyrnong (Highpoint Shopping Centre)

Regular Original (5pc) – $10.95


Mrs Creative had a trial for a job and suggested NeNe chicken for some fried fingerlickin’ chicken for dinner. NeNe chicken is located in the new food court on Level 1 at Highpoint and has been opened for quite a while now. It was a touch busy and we were baffled with the choice. We decided to get the regular original pieces because hey, who could beat original anything. It came with complimentary coleslaw and radish. 

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