Maker and Monger High Tea at The Lobby Lounge – The Westin Melbourne, Melbourne

When I heard that there was a cheese high tea at Westin Hotel in collaboration with Maker & Monger, I had to make a reservation at once! When we arrived, we were made our way to the bar to let the staff know that we had a reservation. We sat down and checked out the menu. So for $70 per person, you get a range of cheese savouries to sweets with unlimited tea, coffee and hot chocolate. 

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Vapiano, Melbourne

Vapiano, an Italian chain that’s all over Australia that serves up pasta and pizza has released a new winter menu which includes PUMPKIN SOUP! Who doesn’t love pumpkin soup! I digress, Vapiano is located in Flinders Lane and there are parking on the street but it’s not a lot and it is quite exy so be prepared to park a touch further and walk there. But don’t let that deter you because the staff and service here are top notch!

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Fiorini’s Pizza & Italian, Toorak

I had a date with Ms Curly Fries and unfortunately the restaurant we were planning on going to had a power outage *insert crying face* so of course, being the spontaneous people we were, we made our way Toorak road in search for a new date place. Reaching towards the end of the street, we eyed a quiet Italian restaurant, Fiorini’s Pizza & Italian and in we went. The staff were super duper friendly and were so patient as we looked over the menu to decide what we wanted to have.

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Mjolner, Melbourne

Ever since Mr D heard there’s a viking inspired restaurant in Melbourne, he made sure I made a reservation for his birthday at Mjolner. Located in Hardware Street, there’s no huge neon signs to tell people where it is except for a huge door with a light shining on the logo. I missed it the first time walking past but this concealed door made it more exciting for us.

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Krimper Cafe, Melbourne

A catch up to organise our next holiday means brunching in the city on a Saturday morning! We initially wanted to go to Bricklane but due to it’s long queue, we opted for Krimper since Mr Burberry has already been and it wasn’t going to take 30 mins to get in and it was literally 2 secs further down the alleyway. It was oh so roomy inside and the staff were very polite when showing us our table. 

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Tokyo Japanese Restaurant, Melbourne

After being turned away at a restaurant which we booked for because they lost our reservation (insert sad face here), we wandered around and decided to check out Tokyo Japanese Restaurant for some Japanese Buffet for just $29.80. That was a BARGAIN! We rushed upstairs and entered a big open area with a bar on one side and the kitchen on the other. Now, basically there’s a buffet menu and you can just pick whatever you like and they bring it out to you quick flash. 

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Bangpop, South Wharf

Good ol’ Dimmi were having their flash deals where if you visit participating eateries you’d get 50% off food. So of course Ms Butterfree booked Bangpop because it’s been a place where she’d always wanted to visit AND we got 50% off the food bill. Made a booking via Dimmi and BAM we were in and we were eating.

We arrived and was seated and the staff were friendly but they weren’t all that attentive. We did have to wave them down a few times to get our order which was quite disappointing. Anywho, we ordered our dishes and waited for them to arrive so we can devour them. First up, the moo dad diew which was the air dried pork with sticky rice. We found this to be quite dry and needed a bit more seasoning.

Moo Dad Diew (one sun pork) – $9.90
Air dried pork with Sriracha cucumber and sticky rice

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Northern Perk Cafe, Brunswick

Those who are always on facebook will have noticed a certain breakfast tower popping up on their feed which looks like it could feed a town. This breakfast tower was the sole reason why the K sisters chose Northern Perk as our next location for our catch up session. There’s a lot of parking on the side streets and if you get there early, you won’t miss out.

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Double D, Springvale

Mr Italian Stallion was leaving for Singapore for two years which meant obligatory burgers were to be eaten before he leaves. On a Monday night we were meant to be at Cultural Commons in Springvale, unfortunately, they were closed so Ms Curly Fries suggested Double D which was 500 m away and across Springvale Station (YAY for convenience to public transport!). We stumbled in and it wasn’t as busy as we thought and checked out the menu which wasn’t as long as I thought it would be. 

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El Rincon, Melbourne


 Victoria Street right next to Victoria Market is the go to place if you want some cosy venues with great food this is the street to be on. Now, there’s a new bad boy that’s opened for 5 months or so and they’re serving authentic Spanish Tapas and they’re tucked away so you just need to keep your eyes opened. Right next to Victoria Market stands El Rincon, it’s quaint, it’s cosy and it’s full of personality.

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