Auction Rooms, North Melbourne

I agreed with a friend to come here at 9:30am (that would be my breakfast…) and when I got there, it was fully packed. Luckily my friend got there super early and got a table for us (YAY). I ordered the breakfast board of grilled chorizo, ocean trout croquette, feta, avocado puree, a soft-boiled egg with rye soldiers and a white iced coffee. THIS WAS AMAZEBALL! The soft-boiled egg was perfectly cooked and the yolk was so runny and the ocean trout croquette, YUMMO!!! 

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New Shanghai, Melbourne (Emporium)

I was craving for xiao long bao and my friend suggested New Shanghai at the Emporium. Since I haven’t been yet we decided to give it a go. Emporium, Melbourne’s new shopping centre with a gazillion shops and confusing escalators and layouts to lose your orientation, we finally found our dumpling spot (with the help of the electronic information stand thingy of course). At the front it had people making the dumplings so you could watch them (looks at them creepily hohoho).

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Industry Beans, Fitzroy

It’s time for a catchup with the creative couple (yes they are so creative in their own way that we’ll just call them the creative couple) again and I was in charge of picking a place yet again. This time, Industry Beans located in Fitzroy.

It’s located in a shed/warehouse/hipster-y place and they don’t take bookings. Luckily for us, the creative couple turned up early and by the time we got there, we walked straight in (like a boss) and sat down. We ordered our coffees and chai latte (both was pretty average) and gossiped for a while. I took forever to decide what to get and finally (YES FINALLY) I got the Tamarind Blue Swimmer Crab with crispy prawns, green apple, lychee, thai herb omelette. THIS. WAS. ABSOLUTELY. MOUTHWATERING-LY (yes not a word, I know). AMAZEBALL!

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Nieuw Amsterdam, Melbourne

So it’s date night again (I’m always finding excuses to have date night) and Mr D took me to Nieuw Amsterdam (SURPRISE!!). We got lost getting there because he refused to tell me where we were going so I couldn’t help him. When we eventually got there, I was ecstatic. I was a bit confused since there were stairs going up and down and no signs to which one we should take. I went down and BAM hit the bar. This mean the eatery was upstairs (damn!). 

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Cobb Lane, Yarraville

We had a double date for lunch and I was responsible for finding a venue. Took a random stab and chose Cobb Lane in Yarraville since I love the smell of fresh bread in bakeries. They don’t take bookings so we decided to turn up at noon (should have thought this through more carefully) but luckily we got a table just as we arrived. The place is very small and cosy and as you step in you just smell the bread (mmmm bread).

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Epping Thai, Epping

Another dinner with the girlies and we decided to come here for Thai since it was local for them. It looked fancy and decent from the outside and was seated immediately (not that busy on a Tuesday night). We got the Pad See Ewe with chicken and found it to be really oily and salty. We also got two servings of the Roti with peanut sauce. The roti was okay but ones as Malaysian restaurants are much better.

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Hammer & Tong 412, Fitzroy

My friends decided they wanted to head to Hammer & Tong for lunch and of course they only do bookings for dinner (head online) and walk-in for lunches. So I got there early with Mr D and they wouldn’t seat or consider us until everyone in our party was there (booo they were only 5 minutes away) so we sat by the coffee bar and waited patiently (without any choice….sigh). Finally, they arrived and we got a table within 5 mins (WOOOOHOOOO). Took our jackets off (so hot) and got seated. I ordered a Chai Latte (my adult coffee substitute that won’t make me hyperactive) and when it came out it was the most exciting thing I saw. The honey on the side was in a little beaker (SCIENCE WOOOOOO). Mixing in the honey into the latte, it was pretty damn good!

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Hihou, Melbourne

I was taken here by one of my two stooges and decided to take Mr. D and a friend Miss Pear back. What I love about this place is to get into the bar/lounge, you need to press the doorbell and someone will open the door and let you in (yes the door is locked, always checking). Once you enter they will ask how many people and if there’s space and in you go.

Turned out we were lucky and was able to get into the lounge area!! As the lounge area is carpeted and huge lounge chairs, we were asked to take off our shoes (yay novelty!) and leave them at the shoe rack. As soon as we got comfy and seated (or lay down), the waiter come by with the drinks menu and warm hand towels so we can be clean to start our drinking (great service!).

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Oppa Kitchen, Melbourne

Walking around aimlessly in the city trying to find a last minute place that we could walk in and have dinner with a friend, we decided on Korean. It was 8pm and we walked in and  had to wait for 10 minutes till a table for 3 opened up. So we waited and looked at the neon lights and they gave us the cutest queue number stick ever, it had a ladybird and everything – we argued over if it was a ladybird or ladybug and realised it was both…

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QLD: Che Asado & Bar, South Bank (Brisbane)

Work trip once again and back at Brisbane and this time I was lucky enough to be staying at South Bank where it’s a full of restaurants, cafe and right next to the man made beach. It’s breakfast once again and I was off on a mission.

An Argentine cafe/bar and was opened at 8am and I decided to drop by here because they had colourful pillows on each bench and gave me a blanket because it was still chilly (now that is great service).

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