Kokoro Ramen, Melbourne

I came here for lunch on a Friday arvo around 2.15pm (soooo late but we were busy…sigh) with some workmates. We walked in and found the place to be busy but still having some free tables.



I ordered Kokoro Ramen Sapporo Miso base with Butter and Corn because let’s face it, who doesn’t like a stick of butter in their soup?? Since it was happy hour, we could also order 3 gyozas for $2 with a ramen dish. The gyozas came out first and they were pretty good!! But it could be that we were super hungry too.

3 pieces of Gyoza – $2


My Butter and corn Sapporo Miso ramen came out and my god, it was so salty and buttery. There were only 2 pieces of pork belly  (WHAT?? SO STINGY!!) and heaps of the noodles. I didn’t think it was amazing at all and for that price too. Oh wells.

Kokoro Sapporo Miso with Butter and Corn – $15.50


My work mate got the Kokoro Sapporo Miso with Soft Shell Crab and asked for it to be less salty. It was still way too salty for her. She wasn’t overly impressed with it either…such a shame.

Kokoro Sapporo Miso with Soft Shell Crab – $18


So the only good thing about this place is that they have the refillable kim chi and you just help yourself.  Other than that, maybe you’ll have to explore the city for another ramen place.

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157 Lonsdale Street, CBD, Melbourne, VIC
Tel:  (03) 9650 1215
Website: www.kokororamen.com

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