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The owners of Aubergine who has 2 chefs hat in the Age Good Food Guide 2015 has another restaurant, Temporada who has 1 chef hat in 2015 (wooohooo). As I was in Canberra and conveniently placed in the Novotel which was 3 mins walk away I decided to book a 7:30pm session for my lonesome. I braved the winter cold and arrived earlier than expected and told I can pick wherever I wanted to sit. I chose the little corner side where it seats two people on high chairs (made me feel a tad taller yay!!). The decor was real cute, plants everywhere low ceilings near the bar and dark light setting for romance (or drinks…). The place was half full for a Monday night I began checking out the menu.The bar area



Their menu changes depending on the season and what is available and changes EVERYDAY (i know! Who has time to do it everyday?? Clearly Temporada does!!). For starters I got the pigs head roll, Sriracha mayo, fennel coleslaw. The staff ensured me it didn’t involve brains or eyes or things like that (like I would be worried…maybe a tad haha).it was a cute little roll and I found it to be a tad smokey. I thought it was quite average.

Pigs Head Roll, Sriracha Mayo, Fennel Coleslaw


For plates I got the Ricotta gnudi, nettles, mushrooms, breadbo black garlic. Now, I asked the staff what gnudi was and she said it was like a gnocchi but instead of potato it was filled with ricotta so obviously I chose the cheese filled dish. This dish was absolutely, fantastically AMAZEBALLS! it was like little cheesey fluffy pillows melting in my mouth that dropped down from heaven! I hope they make it a permanent dish coz I’ll totally come back for them (droolsssss).

Ricotta Gnudi, Nettles, Mushrooms, Breadbo Black Garlic


Finally for dessert I decided to be adventurous and got the Ruby grapefruit parfait, pink peppercorn meringue and bitters mousse. I’m so glad I did because it was really interesting but really good. The parfait was beautiful, not overly sweet. The meringue was yummy but you get a hint of pepper as a surprise. The mousse was my least favourite part but I’m still glad I got it.

Ruby Grapefruit parfait, pink peppercorn meringue and bitters mousse


I also got the chai latte but I didn’t find it to be really good though….(don’t get it!!).

Chai Latte


So glad I fought the wind and cold to get here (yes, the whole 3 mins walk) because the atmosphere is causal (people come for the wine but I said no since I was starting to get sick, booooo) and great for after work drinks and the food was amazing. The service was excellent too, very attentive and friendly and recommending dishes when I was indecisive. I’ll definitely come back when I visit canberra again but I’d love to try Aubergine.

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15 Moore Street, Canberra City, ACT 2601
Tel:  (02) 6249 6683

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