Quang Vinh, St Albans

This is one of the Vietnamese restaurant which I turn to when I want to catch up with the gang since it’s cheap, in the area and the quality of the food is pretty good. I decided to come here for lunch with my workmates and didn’t bother make a booking since I never really had to before. We arrived and got a table for 4 immediately. Menus were handed to us along with oolong tea (yep tea to wash away the oil AND to make my belly feel warm and fuzzy). We ordered and our food arrived. HOWEVER, our table didn’t have cutlery and upon telling the waiter, he just grabbed it from another table (how rude….wowzer…).

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Longrain, Melbourne

I went here with the girlies for dinner since I’ve been hanging to come here. It’s decor is very Melbourne where it is unique and very casual scenery with the brick walls and paintings on the walls. We decided to get a few dishes to share (let’s face it, everyone loves trying different dishes) and I ended up choosing the eggnet filled with pork, prawns, peanuts and caramelised coconut. To be honest it didn’t live up to its expectations. It was fresh but the flavours were too strong. There wasn’t any balance at all.

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Speakeasy Kitchen Bar, South Yarra

I got a chance to eat here because I won a $200 voucher from the urban list (THANKS SO MUCH!!!!) and I decided to take the whole family (it was a family affair). We made a booking at 8pm and when we arrived we were greeted and shown to our table which was in the outdoor bar area (no fuss) and we were given blankets since it was cold (HOW AWESOME!!!). Menus came out and I started picking the entrees.

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Messina Gelato, Fitzroy

I’ve been here repeatedly because I LOVE IT SO MUCH! The first time I went, it was with my stooges and there was a massive line but it moved quickly and within 10mins we got our ICE CREAM!! So I came back with the two babies, Baby A and J-baby and there was hardly any line considering it was a Thursday night (weirddddd, maybe coz it was WINTER hohoho). 

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Maney’s Dumplings, Bundoora

I’ve been here a couple of times courtesy of my cousin. She’d thought I’ll love this place because 1. I love christmas lights (they are on every single day throughout the year), 2. I love dumplings and 3. IT’S CHEAP! Yes she was right! I LOVE IT ALL. Also forgot to mention that the interior is PINK (woooo!).

So we went in at 7pm on a Wednesday night (we tried to come here on Tuesdays on two different occasions and forget that they don’t open on Tuesdays….yep, happened twice) and were immediately seated. We always get the usual two dishes, xiao long bao and thai fried rice and then we go rogue for the third dish.

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Zest 89, Glen Waverley

After having a girls night, we decided to head to Zest 89 for breaky! Walked in at 10am (yeah maybe brunch…!) and was greeted warmly and seated immediately. The decor was so cute with pot plants everywhere. We were handed the menu and began selecting our dishes.

I got a spicy chai latte (spicy?? what??) and when it came it, it was just a chai latte with more chai sprinkled on top (basically just a chai latte…strange…). Anywho, this was pretty good and I gulped it down in a flash.

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O’Town, Glen Waverly

We decided to duck into here for a quick dinner since we were all starving and cold on a Saturday night. Luckily we arrived when we did at 7pm because as soon as we were seated a huge rush of customers came in (like they all just teleported here all at once!). There was no service at all. We didn’t receive any menus and had to keep asking for it and finally they brought it around AND they gave us one less (I was the sacrifice and had to wait patiently).

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Lake House, Daylesford

It was Mr D’s birthday and I booked Lake house for his second lunch (wooohoooo lunchhhh) because I’ve been hanging to come here (2 chefs hat!). We arrived and entered through reception and was greeted warmly. We were shown to our table, I of course went and sat on the cushiony bench surrounded by cushions (Mr D was lucky I didn’t just cocoon myself with cushions). We (really it means I) decided to get the Autumn/Early Winter 2015 Tasting Menu for $145 (why pick two dishes when you can have EIGHT!!!) and waited for our food to arrive. 

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The Food Gallery, Daylesford

I came here for lunch since it was Mr D’s lunch choice today. He was craving chips an so this menu caught his eyes. We walked in and was seated immediately (we thought we wouldn’t even be able to get seats) and was handed the menu. I ordered a Chai Latte and Mr D got a latte and he really liked his coffee, they use 100% Arabia beans (said so on the signage).

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