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Mr Burberry was having an itching for some K-BBQ and decided to make it into a catchup with the gang (plus Mr D). He made a booking for Woo Ga on Victoria Street in North Melbourne on Sunday since it was Queen’s birthday the next day (WOOHOO! Partayyy time!)

We walked straight in and went upstairs to our reserved table. While we waited for everyone to turn up, we looked over the menu and decided to get the Combo D which was $139 that will serve approximately 6-8 people. Now I didn’t take photos of all the meats because we were super duper hungry and just went for it. The banquet consists of various meats including – top grade beef rib, premium wagyu chuck eye roll, top side beef with salt and pepper, marinated flank beef and ox tongue. Initially, the staff was cooking the meats for us but then left us to do it on our own without letting us know and some of our meats did get a tad burnt due to us gossiping.


We also ordered a side of boiled dumplings because I ADORE dumplings. When this came out, I would have pulled out my monocle if I had one. They were teeny tiny which was very disappointing. However, the dumplings itself were very flavoursome but I do wished they made it larger. ARE THESE DUMPLINGS FOR ANTS??

Boiled Dumplings


The seafood pancake came with the banquet and it was a generous size but it was quite plain.

Seafood Pancake


We also ordered a side of pork belly because EVERYONE on the table loves it. I’m not a huge fan of pork belly due to the fatty fat fat on it but this one was AMAZEBALL! It was soft, it was squishy and the fat to meat ratio was cut perfectly that it didn’t feel like I was just eating fat which was AWESOME!.

Pork Belly


When the pan fried squid came out, there were huge noodles in it so I went to town on it. However, if you cannot handle your spice, believe me when I say that THIS WAS HOT LIKE THE SAHARA DESSERT! I had to slurp down my grape bong bong (if you haven’t tried this, get on it) to counteract the spiciness. If you can get past the hotness, you’re in for a treat. This was AWESOME. So much flavour and you don’t even need rice with it.

Pan Fried Squid in Spicy Sauce


The last dish of the banquet was the beef with squid and prawn in a spicy soup. Basically, it’s like a huge hotpot and the longer you leave all the ingredients in there, the more flavourful the soup becomes. So we left that FOREVER and I LOVED IT. I found it to be quite spicy as well but you just have to toughen up and EAT it!

Beef with Squid and Prawn in Spicy Soup


Wooga is very consistent with their quality of food and everything was great. The staff could have been more attentive and helped us with cooking the meats since we were struggling quite badly. If they could increase the size of the dumplings, that was be awesome sauce.

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270 Victoria St, North Melbourne VIC 3051
Tel: (03) 9328 1221


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