Motorhome Majestic Launch, Ascot Vale

Motorhome majestic is the new American burger joint (Yep! Welcome to Melbourne guys) but with ribs and wings (oooh la la so fancy) and is the baby brother to Grand Trailer Park Taverna and Werribee’s Truck Stop Deluxe. I was invited by Motorhome Majestic and Zilla and Brooks Publicity and Production to their launch and all opinions expressed are my own.


Inside by the bar, they were serving spiked milkshakes (because it’s for adults and has alcohol in them) and we snagged the kinder surprise and salted caramel with crispy bacon. I LOVED the kinder surprise one but not a huge fan of the salted caramel, although I did LOVE THE BACON (who doesn’t like bacon?).

Salted Caramel and Kinder Surprise Milkshake


First up, the fine and dandy which was a premium Aussie grass fed patty, cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, mustard & special sauce. I found the bun to be too crispy instead of lightly toasted and the patty to veggies ratio was a tad off. There wasn’t enough patty and way too much veggies.

Fine and Dandy Burger


The second burger we got to try was the Jorje Burger which consisted of beef patty AND a chili cheese kransky and of course chili relish, veggies and sriracha mayonnaise which means this burger gives you a kick. This was GINORMOUS and be warned, quite spicy for those who can’t handle their spiciness (ahem…me). I found it a tad salty due to the huge kransky but if you like a challenge, this is for you.

The Jorje Burger


Whilst munching on our burgers, we got sides coming around. The chippies here were pretty average.



The onion rings on the other hand, were FANTABULOUS! I LOVED THEM!!! So crispy, so onion-y, oh so good.

Onion Rings


We also got to try the pork ribs with smoky BBQ sauce. The pork could have been a bit more tender and it didn’t really fall off the bone which is what I always look forward to. The sauce was pretty delish but that was about it.

Pork Ribs


The chicken ribs came out and this was my favourite! It was so soft, so tender and the sauce was AMAZEBALL! I LOVED THIS!

Chicken Ribs


Sweet potato fries were a bit average and I prefer the normal fries instead. We also grabbed the donuts which were cooked freshly with a dollop of ice cream inside. First up, the kinder surprise donut. The ice cream was AWESOME SAUCE but I wasn’t such a huge fan of the donut, I found the inside to be a tad hard and not fluffly. The Mint ice cream was very minty (Mr D would love that).

Sweet Potato Fries & Kinder Surprise Donut


Choc Chip Mint Donut


Come down for the ribs and the Jorje burger if you’re in Ascot Vale and you can eat in the comfort of caravans while having espresso martinis on tap. If you do end up here, don’t forget the to grab the kinder surprise milkshake (they do bring the boys and girls to the yard).

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236-238 Union Road, Ascot Vale, VIC 3032
Tel: (03) 9372 8093

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