PRODUCT REVIEW: Ocean Spray Low Sugar Cranberry

Being an owner of a fitbit, joining the gym and looking for alternative healthy foods, you could say I’ve been trying to get more healthy (key word = trying). I’ve always been a fan of Ocean Spray cranberry juice for detoxing (or with some vodka if you’re feeling a bit naughty) and was excited to hear that they had a low sugar option.


I cracked open the drink and it still had the same cranberry smell and taste which I LOVED. It wasn’t as sweet though (it is low sugar but sweetened with stevia) but that didn’t phase me. You could have it on it’s own when you need a juice fix and not feel guilty and its suitable for all ages and walks of life. There are a few other flavours if plain cranberry juice isn’t your thing, you can check out their website.


Changing your lifestyle to become healthier is always challenging, especially diets where you have to cut heaps of things out. Instead of cutting things out, why don’t we swap them with healthier options like parking your car further to walk more and swapping chippies for fruit. With this new low sugar option from Ocean Spray, it makes it easier to swap your daily fizzy drinks with low sugar drinks such as the cranberry juice where you still get the flavour whilst cutting out the calories (only contains 10 calories per servings YO!).

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Nuffnang and Ocean Spray.

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