Aangan, Derrimut

It was dinner time with the stooges and we decided to have indian because that’s what we were craving! I didn’t realise that Aangan opened a second eatery in Derrimut and so Stooge 1 booked it for a Sunday night.

It got full pretty quickly so luckily we made a booking. We walked in and wasn’t greeted as friendly as we had hoped. We were pointed to the dining area and was told our table was number 4. We weren’t shown to the table but was left to find it on our own (dun dun dun….didn’t like that very much). Stooge 1 was happy to do the ordering whilst stooge 2 and myself just twiddled our thumbs. We all got a mango lassi which was a yoghurt based drinkie and it was FANTABULOUS!!!

Mango Lassi

First up was the pani puri which were hollow balls and you fill it with potatoes, chick peas and pour mint flavoured water inside. Once you pour the water inside your ball, you need to shove it in your mouth super quick or else everything collapses (TIMBERRRRRR!!). It was really refreshing and lovely, like little balls of freshness.

Pani Puri – $8.50

Now, the mains were out! We got the fish goan curry but with spiciness level mild (we can’t even handle hot and spicy wings at KFC, how can we even do normal level of spiciness??!!) and it was OH SO YUMMO! The fish was so tender that it falls apart in my mouth. The tomato and coconut flavours in the curry was PERFECTO! Totally will come back for this curry! It was so currilicious!

Goan Curry – $17

A favourite was the butter chicken and Stooge 1 decided to get normal level of spiciness since she thought it wouldn’t be too bad. The curry was great, but the spiciness was way too much for us and we had to order another round of mango lassi to quench the HOTNESS!! We couldn’t even finish this dish because our tongues were on fire….

Butter Chicken -$16

I also got cheese naan because I LOVE CHEESE and if I see an opportunity to get cheese, I will seize it! It was pretty cheesey (just the way I like it) and quite filling as well.

Cheese Naan – $4.50

After a hearty meal, we couldn’t leave without dessert and the both stooges said I could only pick one. I knew what I wanted and it was the Gulab Jamun and it was soft balls of cottage cheese and condensed milk soaked in syrup. I knew it would be extra sweet so I asked for some vanilla ice cream to go with it. It was GINORMOUS! BIG BALLS FOR ALL! It was super duper sweet and the ice cream totally balances it out. Make sure you get ice cream on the side if you do get this dessert.

Gulab Jamun

Overall, I found it to be quite pricey and the service wasn’t amazing. The staff were not attentive at all and did not clear the plates unless we asked them. The food was pretty decent though and it gets super duper packed so make sure you make booking in case you can’t get a table.

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6-7/85 Mount Derrimut Rd, Deer Park, VIC 3030
Tel: (03) 8361 7280
Website: www.aangan.com.au

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