Yokohama Teppanyaki, Glen Waverley

Work wanted to have a dinner to catch up and they picked Yokohama Teppanyaki in Glen Waverley. Parking was quite difficult and the venue was located in Century City Walk. The staff were very polite and the venue gets super busy so luckily we remembered to make a booking. We sat at the table and decided to do the Moriawase Set for $59.50 a head.

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TAS: The Richmond Bakery, Richmond

Since it was our last day in Tassie, we decided that we gotta have a scallop pie and saw that there was a bakery in Richmond so of course we made a bee line towards there. It was pumping with people and there were heaps of seating indoors and outdoors. So you basically go up to the counter to order your food and bring it back to your seat. Doesn’t seem so hard does it? So that was what we did.

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The Meat & Wine Co Launch, South Yarra


The meat and wine co is known for their well, meats and wines and have multiple locations throughout Victoria and New South Wales, they are still going strong. So when I heard that they’re opening one in South Yarra, it wasn’t a surprise since South Yarra was pumping with eateries and shops already and it would be a great addition to the area. The Meat & Wine Co is located in the Como Centre and there were two entrances, one on the outside and on the inside.

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Sezar, Melbourne

So it was a catch up with my stooges again and this time we wanted to try Armenian cuisine (we had to google where Armenia was….) so we booked Sezar! We were running a bit late and called them to let us know and they were so great, telling us it was okay and to take our time. When we finally got there, we were seated ordered gin and tonics (Yes we are like old men trapped in women’s bodies haha).

We decided to order various dishes to share. First up were the small dishes and we got the  seared hervey bay scallops with cauliflower puree, cumin caramal and zaatar. This was so beautiful. A plus that we love scallops too! 

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