Yokohama Teppanyaki, Glen Waverley

Work wanted to have a dinner to catch up and they picked Yokohama Teppanyaki in Glen Waverley. Parking was quite difficult and the venue was located in Century City Walk. The staff were very polite and the venue gets super busy so luckily we remembered to make a booking. We sat at the table and decided to do the Moriawase Set for $59.50 a head.

To start the set menu, the salad came out and sure it was ordinary but it was fresh and the dressing was delish.


The miso soup was very salty and was quite disappointing.


The deep fried chicken was juicy and it wasn’t too oily.

Tatsuta Age (Deep Fried Chicken)

The assorted veggies were, well cooked veggies. The good thing was that it wasn’t too overcooked and was done perfectly.

Assorted Veggies

The beef eye fillet was oh my effing gosh delish. It was cooked medium rare and melted in my mouth and I loved every bit of it

Eye Fillet

The tiger prawns were quite ordinary and the scallops were a touch dry and not as plump and fresh as I had hoped.

Tiger Prawn & Scallops

The fried rice needed more seasoning and was quite soggy.

Fried Rice

The green tea ice cream was quite creamy and had a very strong green tea flavour which was AWESOME.

Green Tea Ice Cream

Yokohama Teppanyaki provides great entertainment and the price was a bit expensive for the quality of the food. I wouldn’t be in any rush to return.

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3/289 Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley VIC 3150
Tel: (03) 9560 1117

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