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Howdy Foodlings!

Christmas is now over but the Aussie holidays are still hot and sweaty as ever. As expected, BBQs are starting and friends are coming over to celebrate not having to work. So, how can you impress your mates when having a Barbie? Why not check out Grampians Olive Co where they have an array of products that you can choose from and they’re made locally in Australia. They are a certified organic olive grove located in the Grampians in Victoria and they emphasis on quality over quantity. Their 2016 Toscana Signature organic extra-virgin olive oil has won ANOTHER Gold Medal in 2016 Australian National EVOO competition.

I received 3 complimentary samples of various products by Grampians Olive Co to have a looksie.

It came in a very cutie patootie box and I was super duper excited to open it up.


I got the Truffle infused oil, caramelised balsamic and the signature organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil all in a 100mL bottle.

It’s so tiny that it fits perfectly in my hand!

Usually you would have to spend over $100 to receive free shipping but right now you if you spend over $30 you can get free shipping when using the promo code Linnie. This offer is valid until 31st December 2016 so get in quickly and try the bite sized oils and see what your backyard has to offer. Check out their website to see what other goodies they have.

Promo code valid until 31/12/2016: Linnie



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