PRODUCTS REVIEW: Cookie Cake by Sassi Co

Howdy Foodlings,

Have you ever heard of cookie cakes? Well, let me introduce you to Sassi Co who specialises in boxed goodies which includes donuts, cookie cakes and heaps of sweets for all occasions from birthdays to anniversaries. How do we even receive it – you ask? Good thing they deliver and it’s free if the order is above $90. Now, back to the cookie cake. It comes in a pizza-like box and you can smell the baked goodies wafting out of the box…mmmm cookies…

Helloooooo Reese’s pieces. For those peanut butter lovers out there, this is the cookie cake for you. Sprinkled with m&ms, reeses butter cups, mars pods and slices on a nutella filled cookie base, you definitely need a sweet tooth for this.

Cookie Cake Reese’s pieces
Reeses pieces coloured chocolates, reeses butter cups, mars bar slices, chocolate coated caramel sticks, mars pods & nutella filled base

The malteaser’s pleaser, on the other hand, wasn’t overly sweet and was just right.  The cookie base was a touch hard for my liking so if you like cookies gooey, just let them know so you get an awesome base! P.s there were so many gummies and musk sticks and that was awesome sauce!

Cookie Cake Malteaser’s Pleaser 
Malteasers, mars bar slices, chocolate coated biscuit sticks, white chocolate pieces & nutella filled base

Each cookie cake costs $60 each and there’s so many flavours to choose from. If that’s not your thing, check out their donut bouquets to giant donuts on their website.

Click below to check out their website, facebook and instagram page.

Website / Facebook / Instagram

Disclaimer: The cookie cakes were gifted by Sassi Co and all opinions expressed are my own.

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