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The baby triplets have been wanting to go on a date with Mr D and myself and finally we were all free for it (YAYERS!). The girlies of course adored Korean food and I wanted to check out Mahn Doo since we’ve always parked next to it and have never gone inside. So this time, we’re heading into Mahn Doo.

Mr D and I arrived first and went to get our table. However, due to a mix up, one of the staff gave our table away and the manager was not super duper happy and profusely apologised. Luckily, the place hasn’t filled up yet so they managed to find a booth for us and our night continued on. Each table has a buzzer so you could call the staff without getting up.

When the baby triplets arrived, we got the pineapple soju cocktail to kick the night off. Now, thanks to Mr D introducing me to soju cocktails, pineapple is the YUMMIEST mix and the baby triplets LOVED it!

Pineapple Soju Cocktail – $17

First entree of the night, kimchi pancake. This was so DELISH. A tad spicy (quite spicy for me) and wasn’t super oily at all. It was seasoned perfectly and even if you didn’t dip it in the sauce, it still tastes pretty awesome. Definitely recommend.

Kimchi Pancake – $15

We wanted to get the steamed pork and kimchi dumplings but they had ran out so we opted for the plain pork dumplings. These were pretty good too! The skin was thin and the meat / skin ratio was perfect. Love how they give you an option of fried or steamed dumplings, first time I’ve seen a Korean restaurant have them.

Steamed Pork Dumplings (8pc) – $5

One of the baby triplets decided to try the pork and kimchi silken tofu stew. When it came out, we were disappointed at the size of the dish. It was quite small compared to other eateries. Nonetheless, we finished the whole thing. This was super spicy and had heaps of flavours blended well together.

Pork & Kimchi Silken Tofu Stew – $12

My favourite Korean dish is Jap chae (sweet potato noodles) and I ALWAYS get it whenever we’re at a Korean place and this time it was no different. I was very disappointed in this dish. It was very bland with not a lot of beef either. If you add the soy dipping sauce to it, it gives it more flavour but this dish should be great on its own and it clearly wasn’t. Steer clear from this at this place.

Beef Japchae – $18

The final dish of the night (What? No dessert? HOW CRAY CRAY!) and we got the table cooking beef bulgogi and mushroom bbq. They don’t cook at your table, they do it on a separate table so you don’t get the BBQ smell straight up on you. This was an AMAZEBALL dish. Full of flavour, great assortments of mushrooms with noodles and beef at the bottom. If you’re here with a group, this is great value and oh so YUMMO! Favourite dish of the night!

Beef Bulgogi & Mushroom BBQ – $40

Mahn Doo has a sophisticated interior and when you step inside, you feel that its a tad more fancy. Don’t let that scare you because the food was pretty good and the price is decent as well. We went on a Saturday night and it didn’t get packed so walk ins are fine since it’s on the outer edge of the city and away from everything else. Staff were lovely and polite and will tend to your every hoot.

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365 La Trobe Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Tel: (03) 8657 8568
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