Ribs & Burgers, Hawthorn

Ribs and Burgers is known for well, ribs and burgers (duh!) and there’s a new wagyu burger range that has just been released on the menu. Wagyu beef is highly marbled and literally melts in your mouth so how could we not be excited after hearing the new burger range. We visited the Hawthorn venue and there’s quite a bit of street parking on the main road but it’s first in first serve and does fill up quite quickly.

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Motorhome Majestic Launch, Ascot Vale

Motorhome majestic is the new American burger joint (Yep! Welcome to Melbourne guys) but with ribs and wings (oooh la la so fancy) and is the baby brother to Grand Trailer Park Taverna and Werribee’s Truck Stop Deluxe. I was invited by Motorhome Majestic and Zilla and Brooks Publicity and Production to their launch and all opinions expressed are my own.

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Ribs & Burgers, Northcote

My grandparents were in town and daddy bear wanted to take them to try out Ribs & Burgers (yes, he is more hip than I am) so we had a whole fam bam outing and made our way to the Northcote one at Northcote Plazza. Baby A suggested to make a booking since he said the eatery was quite small so I called up and they don’t take reservations (WHAT??? Why?? I don’t want to waittttt) and said there are usually seats free around 7:30PM so in we went.

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