Oriental Spoon, Melbourne

It’s almost Christmas time and everyone is trying to get together before the holidays and it was time to catch up with Miss Train and Miss Panda to exchange our KK presents (YAYERS!). Miss Train booked us in for Oriental Spoon (the first one) across from Melbourne Central since we were all taking the train home.


We all got there and got our table (wasn’t as packed yet) and all got drinkies since Melbourne decided to grace us with sunshine today. I got the mango-ade and I LOVED IT! The lemonade base made it refreshing and the mango gave it flavour. YUMOO!! Miss Panda got the usual OJ and it was in a bottle. Miss Train got the Grape bong bong which has REAL GRAPES (too fancy!).

Grape Bong Bong

For entree we got the kim chi jeon which was the kim chi pancake. When these came out, you knew they had kim chi because they were BRIGHT RED! They were a tad soft and was pretty average.

Kim Chi Jeon – $11.50

We also got my absolutely favourite korean dish – Jap Chae. These were sweet potato glass noodles with sliced beef and veggies in a sweet sauce. I found them to be quite oily and a bit bland here which was a shame since you couldn’t get this dish too wrong. However, the portions were quite huge though..

Jap Chae – $16.90

Finally, we got the combination BBQ C ($52.50) and picked marinated pork and beef. The beef came out first and it was pretty YUMMO! Whatever they marinate the meats with, it was AMAZEBALLL!

Marinated Beef BBQ

The marinated pork also included thin slices of pork belly and Miss Train loved it (she is way too obsessed with Pork Belly).These were pretty damn good too *drools*. While having dinner, Miss Panda dropped her chopsticks and the staff rushed and gave her a new pair without her even asking for it. That’s what you call service yo!

Marinated Pork BBQ

If you ever do KBBQ, you’ll always get complimentary side dishes and one dish will always be KIM CHI!! Best part is, FREE REFILLS!! So eat it to your heart’s content.

Complimentary Side BBQ Dishes

There are another 2 Oriental spoons in the city and this is the original one. Service is great, food is average and prices are a bit high for the quality of food. I would come back if all the other places are fully booked and we needed Korean food stat.

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245 La Trobe Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Tel: (03) 9654 9930
Website: www.orientalspoon.melbourne

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