Industry Beans, Fitzroy

It’s time for a catchup with the creative couple (yes they are so creative in their own way that we’ll just call them the creative couple) again and I was in charge of picking a place yet again. This time, Industry Beans located in Fitzroy.

It’s located in a shed/warehouse/hipster-y place and they don’t take bookings. Luckily for us, the creative couple turned up early and by the time we got there, we walked straight in (like a boss) and sat down. We ordered our coffees and chai latte (both was pretty average) and gossiped for a while. I took forever to decide what to get and finally (YES FINALLY) I got the Tamarind Blue Swimmer Crab with crispy prawns, green apple, lychee, thai herb omelette. THIS. WAS. ABSOLUTELY. MOUTHWATERING-LY (yes not a word, I know). AMAZEBALL! It was so fresh with all the herbs and apples. The crab, you can totally taste it and it was served in huge chunks (they did not skimp on this AT ALL). This was perfect.

Tamarind Blue Swimmer Crab – $22

Mr D got the coffee rubbed wagyu burger and I convinced him to get polenta chips (I totally knew what it was). His dish came out and my gosh, you get 4 polenta chips for $4 (I ate one already). HOW EXPENSIVE! Anywho, there wasn’t really anything special with the burger at all. Mr D wasn’t really satisfied but at least he was full.

Coffee Rubbed Wagyu Beef Burger with Polenta Chips – $26

The creative couple got the wild mushrooms with truffle foam and polenta chips and the crispy beans and quinoa with poached eggs. The couple thought their dishes was average.

Wild Mushrooms – $22

Crispy Beans and Quinoa – $18

The decor is really cool and you can definitely feel the melbourne vibe sitting in the cafe. My dish was amazing whereas everyone else thought theirs was average. I’m on the fence at whether to come back since ¼ dishes was amazing. Guess i’ll have to come back to try it again.

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3/62 Rose Street, Fitzroy, 3065
Tel:  (03) 9417 1034

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