Urban Provodore, Tullamarine – Melbourne Airport Terminal 2

Airports, a place where people say goodbye or greet their loved ones. Airports are also a place where people grab some food before their flights or if their flights are delayed. For us, it was before a flight (woohoo!!) and we decided to drop by Urban Provodore for some breakfast. It wasn’t too busy early in the morning and we were starving so we knew exactly what we wanted.

I got the omelette and unfortunately I found it to need more seasoning. The omelette wasn’t fluffy and was quite oily as well.

Omelette – $21

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Holla Coffee Roasters, Richmond

Holla! Got your attention now haven’t I? Well Holla Coffee Roasters also got my attention and located on the quiet end of the Victoria Street in Richmond. There’s parking in the back streets so don’t worry if you drive in. Walking inside, you can feel the buzz of the cafe and you’ll notice that heaps of customers come in and get take away coffees. The staff were super friendly and the space was sleek with plenty of greenery.¬†

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Pinkie Cafe, Ivanhoe

Pinkie is located just off the main road, Upper Heidelberg Rd and there’s ample parking and they’re all free on the weekends (SCORE!). It gets quite busy so make sure you have your patience pants on because it can range from a 5 -30 mins wait. But while you wait, you can check out all their delish desserts and sandwiches in the cabinet!

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Mad Ram Cafe, Croydon

Since becoming a local in the outer eastern suburbs, I have been slack on checking out the local brunch places. So when the girlies came down for a hike and needed to refuel, I suggested Mad Ram Cafe since I’ve been seeing good things on the good ol’ instagram. Located in a strip of shops, there’s plenty of parking so don’t fret.

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Auction Rooms (Take 2), North Melbourne

Auction Rooms has been around for yonks and it’s got a pretty well known reputation for it’s brunch and coffees. So I went and took mumsy bear and daddy bear for some brunching. It was mother’s day so it was super duper busy but we got there real early and only had to wait 20 mins before we got a seat. If you come by on a Sunday, there’s ample of free parking so even though you can’t get there easily by public transport, you don’t have to stress about parking. Anywho, once we got to our table, I got the barista breakfast for the parentals because they wanted to try a mixture of coffees and that included a short black, flat white and filtered coffee. We loved every single one and it was great value.

Barista Breakfast – $10
Shorty, flat white & filter

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North & Eight, Aberfeldie

Melbourne and brunch, the two words that goes hand in hand and of course,¬†Aberfeldie joined the party with a new cafe North & Eight. North & Eight sits on one of the main road but there’s many parking around so you definitely do not need to worry about that. Anywho, walking inside the venue, the interior was sleek and welcoming. The staff are super friendly and will make you feel welcome.

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Krimper Cafe, Melbourne

A catch up to organise our next holiday means brunching in the city on a Saturday morning! We initially wanted to go to Bricklane but due to it’s long queue, we opted for Krimper since Mr Burberry has already been and it wasn’t going to take 30 mins to get in and it was literally 2 secs further down the alleyway. It was oh so roomy inside and the staff were very polite when showing us our table.¬†

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TAS: Czeg’s Cafe, Richmond

A wander around Richmond and we stumbled upon Czeg’s cafe which we promptly walked in to start our brunching date. It was a full house and you know the coffee is good when everyone in the cafe isn’t eating anything but are all holding a cup of coffee. We sat down by the window and you order at the register so take off your coats, relax and start your feasting.

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TAS: Pigeon Hole Cafe, West Hobart

After landing in Hobart in the wee hours in the morning, we stopped by Pigeon hole cafe to grab some breakfast. Since Hobart isn’t that big, it didn’t take long before we got there and there were ample parking around. The cafe was quite busy on a Friday morning and we rushed in to grab a table. The staff greeted us oh so friendly and warmly and we knew we stepped into the right cafe to wake us up.

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Workshop Charisma, Melbourne

Charisma Workshop has opened up near A’beckett street in the CBD, past construction work and tucked away in an alleyway. There’s a few tables inside the cafe but if you do come in a huge group (perhaps >4), it will be a touch difficult to find a spot. Anywho, Charisma Workshop is run by the Ko family where Jonathon Ko combines his passion and expertise in patisseries and coffees and shares it with the world. Walking in, you’ll be greeted very warmly by the staff and you will definitely be hit in the face with the smell of coffee!

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