Prego Espresso Bar, Bundoora (Bundoora Square)

We were in the Bundoora area and it was lunch time. Since Mr D’s fam bam were there, we decided to get the quick option (after lots of indecisive back and forth) and opted for the Prego Espresso Bar. We were spoilt for choice considering it was a cafe/bar in the middle of a shopping centre. There were paninis, cakes, sandwiches, muffins, coffees and even the nutella donuts which is the craze lately.

The staff was super friendly and ushered us to a table (had to pull 3 tables together to fit us all in) and we ordered at the counter. I got the honey mustard, sundried chicken panini and they toasted it. IT WAS SOOO GOOD!! I never really get mustard things but this really tickled my fancy and my gosh will totally come back for it. YUMMMOOO!!!

Honey Mustard, Sundried Chicken Panini – $8.50

Mr D got the eggs and bacon sandwich which comes with a coffee. It was ordinary, nothing great, should have gotten the panini instead hohoho!! I also wanted to try the vanilla slice since there was a sign claiming it was the ‘award winning vanilla slice’. The cream in it was soooo good! Smooth, creamy and soooo soooo good!!! I wouldn’t say it was award winning but it was pretty damn good. The staff said it was mum’s homemade recipe and I was like WOW!!

Vanilla Slice

A great little espresso bar in the middle of shopping centre with friendly staff and great lunch and coffees.

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Bundoora Square, 25-31 Plenty Road, Bundoora, VIC
Tel: 0456 444 211

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