Nieuw Amsterdam, Melbourne

So it’s date night again (I’m always finding excuses to have date night) and Mr D took me to Nieuw Amsterdam (SURPRISE!!). We got lost getting there because he refused to tell me where we were going so I couldn’t help him. When we eventually got there, I was ecstatic. I was a bit confused since there were stairs going up and down and no signs to which one we should take. I went down and BAM hit the bar. This mean the eatery was upstairs (damn!). 

I walked in and instantly felt the southern american aura. It was modern, casual and vibrant. We were seated at the table next to the bar and started to order from the menu. For entree we got the cheese fritters (cheeeseeee…) and that was amazing. They were little balls of heaven and melted in my mouth. I couldn’t get enough of them.

I ordered the clam chowder with bacon and Mr D got the pork belly and apple sauce. I loved my dish, the chowder was so creamy and the bacon so good. Mr D’s dish was mouthwatering too, except wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much meat for me so I was considerate enough to not have any of his dish (yep, great eating partner I am).

Finally we got coffee and dessert wine. I got my wine and halfway I was drinking, they came over and topped it up to finish the bottle (OH EM GEEEE!! Brownie points for Niew Amsterdam). Mr D got a latte but it was taking forever and as soon as we were about to ask about it, the barista came over with the latte. He explained that the coffee wasn’t so good due to the milk that they have. The milk was okay but it’s not the usual milk they have. He apologised and said he went and got 4 different batches of milk and made several cups and they were the same. Mr D had the coffee and said it was good and that we’ll definitely come back to try the coffee with the regular milk they use.

Niew Amsterdam is a casual eatery but I found the music was a bit too loud and had to yell when speaking to Mr D across the table (trust me, my voice isn’t the most quietest one around). However, the food was so good, the service was awesome (made me feel valued) and great place for a catchup or DATE NIGHT!!! Will totally come back!

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106-112 Hardware St, Melbourne, 3000
Tel: (03) 9602 2111

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