Hihou, Melbourne

I was taken here by one of my two stooges and decided to take Mr. D and a friend Miss Pear back. What I love about this place is to get into the bar/lounge, you need to press the doorbell and someone will open the door and let you in (yes the door is locked, always checking). Once you enter they will ask how many people and if there’s space and in you go.

Turned out we were lucky and was able to get into the lounge area!! As the lounge area is carpeted and huge lounge chairs, we were asked to take off our shoes (yay novelty!) and leave them at the shoe rack. As soon as we got comfy and seated (or lay down), the waiter come by with the drinks menu and warm hand towels so we can be clean to start our drinking (great service!).

I shared one of the shochu with Miss Pear because it came in a teapot!! Mr D got the pear fruit mock tail because he was feeling frisky (woohoo). The drinks came out pretty fast and the waiter was very polite.

We also got glasses of water and throughout the night the staff just kept topping it up without us finding them. The lounge seats were a bit far from the table which means we were lying down a lot but that’s what you do when you relax (and play footsies under the table woohoo). The atmosphere is great except I found that the place was a bit warm for my liking. I do that at the bar the wine bottles are placed in wooden stack things behind the bartender. Very chic, very modern, very coolie doolies.

Little hidden gem where you could take your dates or just a catch up. Very stylish decor and amazing staff that are very accommodating. What can I say, I came back to show it off.

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1 Flinders Lane, Melbourne CBD, VIC 3000
Tel: (03) 9654 5465

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