Oppa Kitchen, Melbourne

Walking around aimlessly in the city trying to find a last minute place that we could walk in and have dinner with a friend, we decided on Korean. It was 8pm and we walked in and  had to wait for 10 minutes till a table for 3 opened up. So we waited and looked at the neon lights and they gave us the cutest queue number stick ever, it had a ladybird and everything – we argued over if it was a ladybird or ladybug and realised it was both…

Finally we got a table and it was upstairs. Once we were seated and looked over the menu I decided to get the Crispy Kimchi Dumplings (5 for $5 was soooooooo cheap). It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. There wasn’t much filling inside and all I could taste was the fried skin. Also, if you wanted kimchi you’ve got to request it (don’t get me started) AND look at how little they give you in the teeny tiny jar!!!

I got the Korean Beef Bulgogi meal bucket (Dosirak) and Ms H got the Chicken spicy bulgogi meal bucket. When they came out, I had ginger in my bucket whereas Miss Pear didn’t. We turned to look for the waitress and spotted a clump of ginger on the floor by the stairs (they dropped the ginger and didn’t even realise that they served the bucket without any ginger….WHAT???). I didn’t really have high hopes for this dish, it was an average meal but it was cheap ($10) and came out very quickly so I couldn’t complain.

While Miss Pear and I were halfway with our meals, I realised Mr D hasn’t gotten his yet. We called the waitress over and guess what….she made a MISTAKE and didn’t put his order through. She apologised and gave him a free can of Korean Coconut Jelly Drink (Coco Palm) while he waited for his meal. Boy was he upset (steam coming out of his ears and everything)! Anywho, Mr D finially got his Bulgogi Beef Bibimbap served on a hot stone, he mixed a generous amount of the chili paste and off he went.

With the lack of attention from the staff, I’d only ever come back if I needed a quick, cheap meal and wasn’t fussed with what I got and how I was being serviced. Sorry Oppa Kitchen but I don’t think I’ll be back….

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271 Swanston St, Melbourne CBD, 3000
Tel: 03 8528 1177 // 0421 351 489
Website: www.oppakitchen.com.au

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