Youngs Wine Room, Hawthorn East

There’s a new guy in town and he’s ready to rock your after work drinks games. Enter Young’s Wine Room. They just opened in late Feb and I was invited to attend their launch night. There’s a small outdoor area, an epic looking bar and lots of places for you to enjoy your drinks or get nice and cosy on a date.

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St. LuJa, St Kilda

Dimmi sometimes has amazing offers where some restaurants have 50% off the food menu and that’s such a great value if you want to try different restaurants. Since we were in St Kilda, we checked out St LuJa before we headed to our show. It’s a very cosy place which is a bar / restaurant and serves up a mean cocktail (well mocktails for us because it was a school night). The staff are super duper friendly and we were plonked right in front of the fireplace (talk about romance guys!). We did not waste any time at all and went on an ordering frenzy.

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Double Happiness Bar, Melbourne

After dinner it was only 8PM so we decided to head over to a bar for some drinkies since we were still young and hip. One of the guys in the group suggested double happiness and of course we just pitter pattered into the bar. It was hidden away with the large double happiness sign in front in Chinese characters. Pushing the doors inside, we went in and was greeted with awesome sauce decor.

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Albert and Sydney, Brunswick


Miss Spam had a lunch house warming and people stayed for dinner and she was not prepared for that. However, due to the location of her new abode, we were spoilt for choice and decided to check out Albert and Sydney. The building itself is one of Melbourne’s first banks and has transformed itself into a wine and cocktail lounge. I heard the pumping RnB music and rushed everyone inside. It’s a lovely setting AND the staff are super friendly. We got a table by the bar and started looking through the menu.

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Mamasita, Melbourne

It was a catch up with my two stooges and we decided to try out Mamasita (been hanging to come here FOREVER!). Since there were three of us, we couldn’t make a booking for a Thursday night, they only do lunchtime bookings or for dinners has to be a table for 8-10 people (sure we can try to eat for 8 people but we were not going to be able to leave the place if we tried…). So the rule was whoever finished work goes in first to bag a seating. Turns out I was the first one there at 6:30PM and headed upstairs (I did miss it, very inconspicuous).

Tacos? Tequila? YES PLEASE!

Totally missed this door…

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Hihou, Melbourne

I was taken here by one of my two stooges and decided to take Mr. D and a friend Miss Pear back. What I love about this place is to get into the bar/lounge, you need to press the doorbell and someone will open the door and let you in (yes the door is locked, always checking). Once you enter they will ask how many people and if there’s space and in you go.

Turned out we were lucky and was able to get into the lounge area!! As the lounge area is carpeted and huge lounge chairs, we were asked to take off our shoes (yay novelty!) and leave them at the shoe rack. As soon as we got comfy and seated (or lay down), the waiter come by with the drinks menu and warm hand towels so we can be clean to start our drinking (great service!).

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