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Mr D had a whole eating day planned for my on my birthday but unfortunately due to a cold, I could only manage one eatery since I could taste again. I really wanted to try The Table at Kuro Kisume but it wasn’t open until the end of the month so we just tried the Kisume restaurant instead. We were 20 minutes early and had a few drinkies at the bar which was quite lovely and the staff were absolutely professional. 

I got the Yuzu cocktail with gin and it was quite sparkly. Not very strong in Yuzu flavour but still yummo nonetheless.

Yuzu Cocktail – $22

We were then shown to our table my first thought was why didn’t we book ourselves in at the sushi bar (dang it!). Anywho we got the tasting menu ($88 pp) with the addition of the Deluxe sushi upgrade (+$33 pp) and boy were we ready for some feasting. First up, edamame with charred garlic and salt. These were AMAZEBALL! Mr D could not get enough of it. We loved it!!


Next up, cobia sashimi and these were oh so fresh AND tasted like heaven. We smashed this dish but they could have given a little bit more, perhaps 2 more slices would have been nice.

Cobia Sashimi
truffle soy, black truffle

The miso chicken mandu had a nice dumpling skin and paired with heaps of filling which is always a good sign. However, the dumpling itself needed more flavour. It was quite average and nothing stood out screaming YUMMO which was a shame since I’m very big on dumplings.

Steamed miso chicken mandu
sesame oil, coriander cress

The miso soup was quite salty and my tofu didn’t ‘flower’ like it was meant to be. It just kind of sat there like a blob which was disappointing.

Miso soup
Chrysanthemum tofu

The nigiris were very fresh and we absolutely loved each single one. however, some of them already have wasabi and it was quite a lot as well so be prepared for some freshness entering your nostrils.

Standard sushi 

We were oh so excited about the dexlux sushi and was disappointed. The grilled scallops were not plump and juicy and the wagyu was quite dry which made Mr D a little bit sad. Why was the otoro and the scampi all mushed? I was hoping for either sashimi or nigiri and that made me a little bit sad.

Deluxe sushi

The mains include the Foie gras on beef tenderloin. Boy oh boy, was this dish super salty. The beef tenderloin was a bit hard slicing through (why did they not provide steak knives??) but melted in our mouths.

Foie gras  on tenderloin

The miso salmon was pretty delish and this too was a touch on the salty side (I think there’s a theme to this place?).

Miso salmon

Finally, there’s always a salad to accompany the mains which had a yuzu dressing. This was quite subtle in taste and when I say subtle, I mean I couldn’t really taste the yuzu dressing.

Yuzu salad

Finally the dessert came out and it was whipped caramel. I absolutely loved the gingerbread and Mr D loved the freeze dried mandarin. But this sweet dish did not satisfy me at all. i felt like I just had the toppings on a cake and was waiting for the main dessert. I was a touch disappointed with the ending dish.

Whipped caramel with gingerbread and freeze dried mandarin 

I had really high hopes for Kisume but we found it to be quite average. For the price we expected awesome sauce food and nothing stood out except for the edamame and cobia sashimi. It is dimly lit and we found the staff to not be very attentive and did not take our glasses away (after they saw it was empty and asked if we wanted another one) or filled up our water. Some of the staff explained what the dish was while others didn’t. We found the service to be quite inconsistent which was a shame. The food was on the more saltier end of the spectrum. Overall, for the experience and the food, it was not worth the price tag. Sorry Kisume.

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175 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000
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