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My grandparents were in town and daddy bear wanted to take them to try out Ribs & Burgers (yes, he is more hip than I am) so we had a whole fam bam outing and made our way to the Northcote one at Northcote Plazza. Baby A suggested to make a booking since he said the eatery was quite small so I called up and they don’t take reservations (WHAT??? Why?? I don’t want to waittttt) and said there are usually seats free around 7:30PM so in we went.

Luckily, Mr D got there first and got us a table for 8 ready when we got there. Everyone sat down and we went up to the front with the GINORMOUS menu and figured out what to get. Since baby A has already been here, he was in charge of the ordering. I also figured out that the process was to go order and say how many people and then you go find a table (oops, my bad). Anywho, we ordered at the counter with the ever so patient staff and was given a bucket with utensils and condiments.

Now, I couldn’t have a meal without a drink and when I saw the milo thickshake, I couldn’t say no. It was thick, it was sweet, it was oh so YUMMO! Mr D didn’t enjoy it but the babies and  myself, we couldn’t get enough of it.

Milo Thickshake – $7

Now, the ribs were coming out. We got all three: pork, beef and lamb with different seasonings and some with chippies and others with salads. The BBQ beef full rack was pretty average. I didn’t enjoy it as much and it was way too salty. The beef wasn’t as tender as I hoped it would it. The chippies were freshly cooked and super crunchy (crunch crunch suckers!).

BBQ Beef Full Rack – $29.50

The hot chilli lamb rack was quite spicy which I didn’t expect at all (despite it saying HOT CHILLI). This was super tough (not as tough as tough mudder but you get the point) and poor daddy bear had to finish it all off. It came with cabbage salad and I quite liked it, the vinaigrette dressing wasn’t too overpowering and I felt a tad healthier…

Hot Chilli Lamb Full Rack – $27.50

The last ribs to come out was the smokey BBQ lamb spare ribs and this was my fav one. It was tender and fell off the ribs but I found the flavouring was quite strong (tone it down a bit guys…gotta down the water). This came with the butcher’s salad and it was just a mixture of veggies mixed together, nothing really special about it…

Smokey BBQ Pork Spare Ribs – $28.50

I also got the slider duo with with chips, one with chicken and one with beef. The chicken was quite dry and I got daddy bear to finish it. However, the beef one was YUMMOLICIOUS. The sauce was AWESOME and the beef was soooo MOIST!! Not sure if it was worth get the duo sliders though…

Slider Duo with Chips – $16

We also got the onion rings on the side and it was literally onion rings covered in batter. Initally, I LOVED them but then the more I ate them, the more I felt icky since it was super oily.

Onion Rings – $6

The babies weren’t full yet so they went and got the blue cheese and apple lamb burger which was their surprise of the month. THIS. WAS. AMAZEBALL! The blue cheese sauce wasn’t super strong and the lamb, OH EM GEE, the lamb was YUMMO and I’m not a lamb person.

Blue Cheese and Apple Lamb Burger – $14.50

After our meal, there’s a sink around the corner (there’s only 1 toilet though…) and you can wash your hands there and handwash is provided (so fancy!). I did find the sink to be a tad high though (damn my short genes). Although, I did feel look like a tourist trying to take a photo of the sink in the middle of the eatery.

The atmosphere is great, staff are super friendly, food was average and there’s a quick turnover or customers here so you’ll get a table if you wait 5 minutes or so. Sorry Ribs & Burgers but I’ll have to give you a miss.

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Shop 94-96 Northcote Plazza, 8 Breavington Way, Northcote, VIC 3070
Tel: (03) 8899 6631
Website: www.ribsandburgers.com

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