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It was a catch up with my two stooges and we decided to try out Mamasita (been hanging to come here FOREVER!). Since there were three of us, we couldn’t make a booking for a Thursday night, they only do lunchtime bookings or for dinners has to be a table for 8-10 people (sure we can try to eat for 8 people but we were not going to be able to leave the place if we tried…). So the rule was whoever finished work goes in first to bag a seating. Turns out I was the first one there at 6:30PM and headed upstairs (I did miss it, very inconspicuous).

Tacos? Tequila? YES PLEASE!

Totally missed this door…

I walked upstairs and found Mamasita to be quite busy but I was first in line and was given a table for 3 immediately. The wait staff was so cute he gave me a magazine so I wouldn’t be bored whilst waiting for the two stooges to turn up (great service yo!). Finally the girls rushed in and we decided to get a round to tequilas since it was a Mexican joint, why not?! We got the Rosangel each since we were sucked in with the hibiscus, floral and citrus notes. DAMN it tasted soooo strong so we did a one shot wonder and got over and done with. By now we were super happy after having the tequila on an empty stomach. We decided to have more drinks (why not??) and I got myself a lemon pie because it sounded AMAZEBALL! It had condensed milk and alcohol!! Why wouldn’t I get it??? It was sooo YUMMOOOO but since I was driving, had to give it to the girls to finish off.

Lemon Pie – $15
Lemon pie with tromba blanco, vanilla infused el jimador, sugar, lemon & condensed milk


The other two girls got a margarita (hard core I know!) and the Mexican Salt Caramel Shake! They both loved their drinks and downed it like a fish in water. The mocktail caramel shake was super sweet and yummoooo, would recommend for those with a sweet tooth and not into the alcohol. The margarita, what can I saw except WOWZER!!! Too strong!!

Mocktail Mexican Salt Caramel Shake – $9

Three drinks: Lemon Pie – $15, Mocktail Mexican Salt Caramel Shake – $9, Margarita – $17

After getting all the drinks sorted, we asked the waitress (I think her name was Mel) for the important part, ordering the food! She was so helpful and patient and pointed out the yummiest and most popular dishes. First up was the signature elote callejero where we got it on a cob. It was chargrilled corn, queso, chipotle
mayo and lime. THIS. WAS. ABSOLUTELY. AMAZEBALL! It was a tad spicy though (well enough for my nose to run..). Must get dish!! MUST, GET!!!

Elote callejero cob –  $4.90 per cob
Chargrilled corn, queso, chipotle mayo and lime

 We got to chatting and decided we needed some snacks while we chatted away and decided on Totopos which were tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole. The chips were so yummo and crunchy. The salsa and guacamole was AMAZING!! I think they need to up their servings for the dips though, totally not enough. Just a heads up, you might want to bring some chewy on this outing since it’s packed with ONIONS (BAM!).

Totopos – $9
Tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole


We got a Quesadilla de nopales which was filled with cactus and three-milk cheese and mushrooms! This was soooo cheesy and sooo warm. It was pretty average though. I was expecting it to BAM IN YO FACE but it was more like heyyyy in yo face.

Quesadilla De Nopales – $6
wheat tortilla filled with cactus & three-milk cheese, queso fresco, huitlacoche & mushrooms


We couldn’t have come here and not get a taco! I mean it was on the  sign at the entrance. We decided to get two de Pescado which was a taco with grilled market fish, achiote, red
onion salsa, lime and chipotle mayo and one de Res which was a taco with alambre-style beef, red peppers,
tomatillo salsa, onion and coriander. I found the fish taco to be absolutely great! All the salsa, mayo and lime all mixed together, mmmm who can say no! Miss stooge had the beef taco and it was a touch spicy for her and she said it was quite soggy and didn’t really like it.

De Res and De Pescado Tacos – $6 each

De Res Taco – $6
Alambre-style beef, red peppers, tomatillo salsa, onion & coriander


For the main, we decided to share an arrachera a la parrilla which were seared flatiron steak, frijoles, serrano salsa and ovendried tomatos. The seared steak was so tender and YUMMY but the frijoles were quite spicy and for girls who can’t even have hot and spicy KFC wings, we were struggling with the spiciness. It was so good so we just downed our cocktails while half crying as we ate this awesome dish.

Arrachera A La Parrila – $28
Seared flatiron steak, frijoles, serrano salsa & ovendried tomatoes


We were so full by now but we soldiered on and had DESSERTS (like i was going to let them leave without desserts, yeah RIGHT!). First dessert was the helado de maiz which was a sweetcorn ice-cream cone with salted caramel and popcorn. This came out deconstructed since they thought it’ll be easier for us to share but we would have preferred to just lick around it (yep, one each side). I didn’t really find this to be amazing at all. I thought it was quite average.

Helado De Maiz – $6
Sweetcorn icecream cone, salted caramel, popcorn 

Now, this dessert was what I picked and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!! It was a pastel de tres leches which was a three-milk sponge cake topped with pineapple, coconut ice cream, mint and meringue. THIS WAS SOOOO GOOD!!! It wasn’t too sweet, it was moist, everything was PERFECT!! LOVED IT (lucky the two stooges were happy for me to finish it off…MUAHAHAHAHA).

Pastel De Tres Leches – $12
Three-milk sponge cake, pineapple, coconut icecream, mint & meringue


I LOVE the food, the service, the staff, the ambiance, just absolutely everything about this place. The only thing I didn’t like was by 8:30PM there were so many people queuing up and I would have hated to be in that line. Mamasita, you’re mama-AMAZEBALL!

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1/11 Collins St, Melbourne CBD, VIC 3000
Tel:  (03) 9650 3821

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