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Vamos was definitely a hidden restaurant on Little Bourke Street and it’s not very obvious where it was. Inside what looks like an apartment building and up the elevators, you’ll get hit in the face with a cozy and spanish vibe when the elevator doors opened. They have live music which is always a plus AND it’s super romantic so boys and girlies, take note.

We took advantage of the 50% off dining on The Fork and went for the 6 course set menu which was originally $65, with the 50% off it was only $32.50 which was definitely a BARGAIN. How could I say no to that. So we got the set menu and waited for our dishes to arrive. To start off the night we got drinkies and boy were the drinkies delish!

While we wait for our dishes to come, we were served complimentary popcorn and sure it was a touch on the soft/old side, the seasoning was lovely.

Complimentary Popcorn

The goat cheese came out and the boys loved them. I’m not a fan of goat’s cheese so I gave it a miss.

Goat cheese

Octopus with aioli on tapioca crisps are what I’m talking about. A mixture of salty, sweet and the crisps gave it a good crunch.

Tostadas with Octopus
Tapioca crisps with a topping of octopus, pico de gallo, aioli

The croquettes are my favourite and Vamos sure know how to make them. Filled with smoked mozzarella and bechamel, who could resist all that cheese.

Smoked mozzarella, bechamel, aioli

The chicken tortillas had great flavour and the chicken was so juicy and succulent.

Chicken Tortillas

We were eyeing the beetroot from the next table and we were thrilled when a plate was placed on our table. Boy…we were not disappointed at all. A touch of citrus, it was definitely what the doctor ordered.

Tamarind glazed, almond, cumquat

Potatoes bravas were crispy potatoes with a spicy bravas sauce and trust me – it was definitely spicy. The aioli did give it a nice balance and counteracted the spice a touch which I definitely needed. The pototoes weren’t as crispy as I thought it would be which was a shame since the flavours were lovely.

Potato Bravas
Crispy potatoes, spicy bravas sauce, aioli

The brisket came out with charred cucumber and green tomato relish. Unfortunately the brisket was dry and did not fall apart which was disappointing. Oh, the sauce? Well there wasn’t a lot of it which was a shame since it would have helped with the dryness of the brisket.

Charred cucumber, tajin, green tomato relish

Our desserts didn’t come with the set menu since we figured that we weren’t super full, we’ll definitely get some desserts. Of course there was always room for dessert. We got the churros sandwich, tres leches and the flan. The churros sandwich was pleasantly refreshing and the churros had a bit of crunch to it. The tres leches was definitely for those with a super sweet tooth. It was super sweet but it didn’t feel too heavy either. The flan was my least favourite on the night with the black cherry compote. The flan itself was very smooth.

Churros sandwich
White chocolate parfait, cashew, strawberry
Tres Leches
Soaked sponge cake, coconut salted caramel, butter milk curd, malted milk crisp, hibiscus gel
Black cherry compote, condensed milk crisp

Vamos is a great place to meet up with friends or even impress dates. The atmosphere was amazing, live music, lovely staff and a romantic vibe, I’m flabbergasted at why it took me so long to check this place out. I would definitely come back and I’ll even pay full price for it.

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1st floor/37 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Tel: (03) 9001 0829
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