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Ever since Mr D heard there’s a viking inspired restaurant in Melbourne, he made sure I made a reservation for his birthday at Mjolner. Located in Hardware Street, there’s no huge neon signs to tell people where it is except for a huge door with a light shining on the logo. I missed it the first time walking past but this concealed door made it more exciting for us.

So once you open the door, you can either go downstairs where the bar was (and the Thor hammer!) or go up to the restaurant (make sure you have a reservation).

For those who love beer and cider, you can drink it from a HORN!!

For starters, the venison loin with shimeji mushrooms was absolutely AMAZEBALLS! It was so fresh, it was so smooth and the flavours, oh my gosh, Thor himself would definitely approve. The flavours were so balanced that it was just perfect.

Venison Loin – $24
Shimeji mushroom, jerusalem artichoke, nasturtium

Mr D got the roast bone marrow and for those with high cholesterol, this will defs set you off! It was so fatty but the good kind, the kind where it just tastes so good that you’re willing to exercise a week non stop for. The meat powder sprinkled on top gave it an oomph and spreading it on the bread, WOWSER! Oh, if it tickles your fancy, you can then have a whisky shot in the bone marrow afterwards for an additional cost.

Roast Bone Marrow – $22
Meat powder, mustard leaf

So Mr D was waiting all night for this moment, the moment which he can finally pick his own knife to go to town on his main. The waitress came out with a leather bound case, flipped it open and we proceeded to choose a knife to our liking. Oh they also understand how important this choice are to customers and they wait patiently, telling you to take your good ol’ time.

We both got the beast which was the beef short rib and my gosh was it super tender. It literally fell off the bone and mixed with the braising juices, it was very comforting. This was GINORMOUS and in hindsight we should have just shared the one beast and not get one each.

Beast – $46
Grain fed short rib, brussel sprouts, braising juices

We also go the roasted cauliflower to share and this was awesome! The spices on the cauliflower is a touch spicy (hot) and the dukkah did counteract that but nonetheless, we loved it.

Roasted Cauliflower – $12
Almond Dukkah, IPA soaked raisins 

No matter how full we were, dessert is a must. The malt parfait? It was smooth, it was light, it had a chocolaty flavour and coupled with the berry sorbet, it was perfect. It was so refreshing and even if you don’t have space in your tummy, this dish won’t take up any space at all and we definitely recommend this.

Malt Parfait – $16
Rye, pickled berries, mulled berry sorbet

Mjolner is a great place for lovers of meat, viking inspired decor and of course whisky. We absolutely love the place, you get your money’s worth, the servings are very generous and the food was top notch. Mr D loved it so much that he asked me to take him back here again for his birthday next year!

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106 Hardware St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Tel: (03) 8393 9367
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