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My workmate has been going on and on about Gurkhas and when Groupon had a deal, he made sure I got it. I got the banquet for 4 for $50 (usually for the simple feast, it was $24.50 per head) and made a booking for a Saturday night since we were in the partying mood.


I walked in first with stooge 1 and was hit in the face with the smell of spices. I didn’t mind it at all. However, when we were greeted, it wasn’t really warm or friendly, it was more like ‘want to sit here? or what do you want?’. I tried to not feel discouraged and ordered drinks which wasn’t part of the voucher. The inside was spacious with cute decor.


I got the Mango Mohi which was a mango flavoured yoghurt based drink. It was kind of like a Mango Lassi but not as thick. I didn’t really enjoy it as much which was disappointing. Stooge 1 got the Kagati Pani which was fresh lemon juice with soda. THIS WAS THE BOMB! It was so refreshing and surprisingly AMAZEBALL! Lucky for me, stooge 1 was all for sharing that night.

Mango Mohi & Kagati Pani


When Stooge 2 and Miss Pear turned up, we started the banquet. First up, for the entree was the Gurkhas special which was a pappadum cup filled with beans and rice and topped with a yoghurt-y sauce. This was AWESOME SAUCE. This was the stand out dish and I’ll definitely come back for this.

Gurkhas Special


The mains came out and it consists of chili chicken, potato and chick peas, goat curry and coconut rice (they also said Napalese salad but that never came out). The chili chicken was a tad spicy but it wasn’t fantastical at all, quite average to be honest. The potato and chickpeas were not bad. I quite enjoyed them. The goat curry wasn’t my cup of tea. It was quite bland and we didn’t end up finishing half of any of the mains.

Main Dishes


Finally, for dessert we decided to get two Rato Mohan (cottage cheese dumplings) and two Kheer (Nepalese rice pudding). The rato mohan was quite nice and the syrup wasn’t super sweet. I loved this dessert. The kheer was very bland so we decided to put the syrup from the rato mohan so it had a tad more flavour.

Kheer & Rato Mohan


The only dish I liked here was the Gurkhas Special and everything else was either average or bland which was very disappointing. The vibe wasn’t happening for me either which was a let down. Finally, I didn’t find the service to be great at all, they weren’t attentive (there was only 5 tables filled up only as well) or friendly. Sorry Gurkhas, I don’t think I’ll be coming back.

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