Vyve Cafe & Restaurant, Heidelberg

Came here for a quick lunch before an outing and was not disappointed.  The menu looked amazing! Since it was a cold and dreary day, I got the hot chocolate and it came with one marshmallow. I found that it was chocolate-y enough for me and needed to add some sugar to sweeten it.


Then I waited patiently for my Burgendy St Burger and boy was I not disappointed.  Stuffed with Angus beef, cheddar, egg, bacon, tomato, lettuce, caramalized onion and the list just goes on.  It was huge, yummy and very filling!


Mr D ordered the Rustic Style Breakfast and he expected of course the big breakfast.  When it came out it was displayed very nicely but Mr D commented that it was big enough (this is always the case wherever we go!).  He said there wasn’t anything special about it and regretted his choice so I gave him half of my burger of course because sharing is caring.


It is a very cute spot in Heidelberg and is located very close to the station.  It is out of the way and unless I’m in the area, I wouldn’t travel all the way here for lunch as I don’t find it very ‘wow’!

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184 Burgundy st, Heidelberg

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