Il Bacaro, Melbourne

Miss Spam’s birthday was approaching and how else do you celebrate your birthday, find a nice place for DINNER! She picked an Italian restaurant in Little Collins street – Il Bacaro. We got the 6PM session since it was booked out. Mr D, Mr Burberry and myself got there at the same time and Miss Spam and Miss Mori were already there. The interior was quite dark and the lights were so dim (turn up the lighting please guys!) and it had a lovely ambiance. We seated ourselves and the waiter handed us the menus to take a looksie. After skimming through, the waiter came back to take our order. There was olive oil on each table and look how cutie patootie it is!

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Milkcow Pop-up, Melbourne



If you haven’t heard, there’s a new South Korean ice-creamery in town and it’s here to stay until 31st May 2016 and it’s conveniently located right opposite H&M and it’s called Milkcow. I went on a double date with the creative couple and snagged a table at Milkcow (although, be warned, since it’s a pop up store, it’s quite cosy inside).

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