Hammer & Tong 412, Fitzroy

My friends decided they wanted to head to Hammer & Tong for lunch and of course they only do bookings for dinner (head online) and walk-in for lunches. So I got there early with Mr D and they wouldn’t seat or consider us until everyone in our party was there (booo they were only 5 minutes away) so we sat by the coffee bar and waited patiently (without any choice….sigh). Finally, they arrived and we got a table within 5 mins (WOOOOHOOOO). Took our jackets off (so hot) and got seated. I ordered a Chai Latte (my adult coffee substitute that won’t make me hyperactive) and when it came out it was the most exciting thing I saw. The honey on the side was in a little beaker (SCIENCE WOOOOOO). Mixing in the honey into the latte, it was pretty damn good!

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QLD: Che Asado & Bar, South Bank (Brisbane)

Work trip once again and back at Brisbane and this time I was lucky enough to be staying at South Bank where it’s a full of restaurants, cafe and right next to the man made beach. It’s breakfast once again and I was off on a mission.

An Argentine cafe/bar and was opened at 8am and I decided to drop by here because they had colourful pillows on each bench and gave me a blanket because it was still chilly (now that is great service).

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Vyve Cafe & Restaurant, Heidelberg

Came here for a quick lunch before an outing and was not disappointed.  The menu looked amazing! Since it was a cold and dreary day, I got the hot chocolate and it came with one marshmallow. I found that it was chocolate-y enough for me and needed to add some sugar to sweeten it.


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