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The 24/7 ramen chain Shujinko has been rapidly expanding and is up to their third store when we were asked to visit, of course we couldn’t say no. Located on Flinders St and opposite Flinders Street station, it is in a very busy spot but that means there’s plenty of foot traffic hence a lot of business. Inside isn’t the biggest eatery but it was very cosy and the staff are superbly friendly.

Have you ever tried sparkling jelly sake? No? Me neither and this is a pleasant surprise. I got the citrus flavoured one and it was refreshing, jellyful with a hint of sake.

Puru Puru Sparkling Jelly Sake

It was a hot day so we opted for the tofu salad and yes, it definitely hits the spot. It’s very light, fragrant and the soy sesame dressing combined with the bonito flakes gave it a great saltiness flavour.

Tofu Salad
Fresh soft tofu served with cherry tomato and salad mix, dried bonito flakes and soy sesame dressing

I absolutely adore gyoza and the ones at Shujinko were totes AMAZEBALLS! Crispy and crunchy on the bottom, soft on the top and juicy and flavoursome on the inside.

Gyoza (5pc)

Now lets talk ramen! Mr D got the signature Shujinko Ramen was served in a Tonkotsu broth. The broth was full of flavour but very light at the same time. The noodles were springy and absolutely amazeballs!

Shujinko Ramen
Ramen in a Tonkotsu soup base with bok choy, spring onion, bean shout, marinated egg, signature grilled pork belly

I got the tsukemen or also known as dipping ramen. The broth is served separately from the noodles and you basically dip your noodles in so it coats the noodles and pop it into your mouth. Yep, the noods were springy and wasn’t soft or soggy and that broth was, you guessed it, TOTES AMAZEBALLS!


Shujinko is an awesome place to get authentic ramen. However, unlike the other stores, this one doesn’t open 24/7 but late enough if you’re in the city and have a hankering for some ramen. The noodles are beautiful and the ramen broth was to die for. We will definitely be back Shujinko.

Disclaimer: I was invited to dine by Shujinko and all opinions expressed are my own.

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Shop 13 / 276, Flinders Street, Melbourne, VIC 3136
Tel: (03) 8592 4648
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