Minamishima, Richmond

After coming back from Japan, I was missing Japanese food oh so much. In the anticipation of missing this fine cuisine, I had booked Minamishima for the week I come back with my two stooges. There wasn’t an online booking process, you just have to call the restaurant directly but they were lovely and accommodating. When we got there, we were greeted by the staff and shown to our table. Since there were 3 of us, we missed out sitting by the bar. Our menu was slightly different to those at the bar where some of our dishes were also from the kitchen. 

There were a few special items on the menu including fugu (yes, that’s puffer fish guys) and blue fin tuna belly with taro chippies. So of course I got the ladies tempura fugu and they finally tried it. The verdict, they said it tasted like fish. However, the batter was so light and fluffy and it did not feel oily at all. I did not feel sick eating it and I quite liked it and wanted more of it.

The blue fin tuna belly was to die for. It was oh so fatty, oh so flavoursome, oh so AMAZEBALL! God, it’s a definite must order if you drop by here. LOVED IT!

Finally, the rest of the meal started to pour out and we were oh so excited. Everything was so fresh and delicate. We also did the matching sake so things were hazy throughout the night and I may not remember the names of the dishes. However, I was not too drunk as skunk to know that the food was AMAZEBALL!

9 pieces of nigiri pieces which is the same the menu at the bar and each single one was so fresh. My favourite, the tuna belly of course.

Desserts consisted of mochi (I wasn’t a big fan of this but the other two stooges adored it) and I think black bean cake.

Minamishima brings me back to Japan, from the food to the service. The food is oh so fresh and all that I had to say on the night was just WOW. I would definitely come back here and hopefully get to sit by the bar.

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4 Lord St, Richmond VIC 3121
Tel: (03) 9429 5180
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