FRANCE: Atsu Atsu, Paris


While wondering around with Miss Tour Guide, I started to get hungry which meant I needed to be fed and quick! Miss Tour Guide took us to her fav Japanese joint, Atsu Atsu and we got a table immediately.

I noticed that there was a little clicker on the table and I figured out it was to call the staff if you need anything. Miss Tour Guide said this is the first time she’s seen this in France (go me for figuring things out! wooohoo!).


So we all got the okonomiyaki and I of course got the kimcheese one because I LOVE cheese and LOVE kimchi! When it came it out it was super cute, there was a spatula (science!! YAY!!) which you use to cut it all up! You just mix it up and off you go! So saucy, so many flavours mixing in my mouth and sooooo DELISH!

Kimcheese – 17€


Mr D got the Classique with beef and I wasn’t that into it. I liked mine way better but he liked his since I didn’t hear him complain at all.

Classique – 13€


For dessert, we got the Tiramisu Macha to share between the three of us. I’m not a huge fan of matcha but when I had this, it was amazing. The matcha flavour wasn’t super strong and the tiramisu was so light. I could have downed it in no time but I had to share (dammit for being polite!).

Tiramisu Macha – 8€


I would totally come back here (even though I said only french food in France). The food was good quality, the price was decent and staff were super friendly.

88 Rue de Richelieu, 75002 Paris, France
Tel: +33 9 83 95 30 14

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