Oasis Bakery, Murrumbeena

A good thing about working in Mulgrave is that you’re real close to plenty of food places to hit up. We decided to venture out and check out Oasis. I’ve heard of Oasis since Mr D regularly brings home sweets for me (sweet right??!) and I was super duper excited to have lunch here. It’s on the main road and there’s a carpark around the back of the venue. As we walked in, there’s the cafe on the right side and a grocer on the left side so after eating, you can definitely pick up anything else you need to bring home.

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Mystery L Cafe, Toorak

Mystery L Cafe, a hidden gem in Toorak where plenty of customers come in and out for coffees, dog owners having brunch while the fur baby sits sipping water. Walking in you’re greeted by friendly staff and the smell of coffee and food will definitely cheer even the most hungover up.

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The Grand Tofu, Glen Waverly

Another Friday means another eatery at Glen Waverly and this time it was The Grand Tofu. Now if you’ve ever walked past here, it gets super duper busy so we decided to get there just before lunch time. We were able to get a table for 6 quick smart and we already knew what we were ordering.

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Dans Le Noir, Carlton

I’ve heard of Dans Le Noir for a while and haven’t had an opportunity to visit yet but when I finally found some fellow friends that wanted to experience it with me, I made a booking and locked it in Eddie. Now if you don’t know anything about Dans Le Noir, it’s basically dining in the dark. You can have three course for $89 or a 5 course for $119 and no, you won’t know what you’ll be getting.

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Dragon Hot Pot, Glen Waverly

Dragon Hot Pot has made a name for themselves, opening more and more shops around Melbourne so it’s no surprise when they decide to embrace veganism and release a vegan Ma La Tang soup base! So if you’ve never been here before, just walk in, get a table and then pick up a pot and put whatever the hell you want in the pot. From meat to seafood to fishcake and heaps of veggies, there’s something for everyone. Once you’ve got all your ingredients, shuffle over to the counter so they can weigh your pot and it’s $3.38 per 100g and the minimum weight you need is 400g. So you’ve guessed it, the more you put in your pot, the more you gotta pay.

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Uni Boom Boom, Glen Waverly

Sea urchin or a.k.a uni is delicacy most known for in Japan. I’ve mostly had it in nigiri or sushi and I jumped at the moment when I found out there was a uni specialty restaurant in town. Located in Glen Waverly off the main road sits a warehouse. You won’t miss it since it has a blown up cartoon sea urchin out front. There won’t be any parking at the venue but there’s ample street parking. Uni Boom Boom has been opened for 5 years selling uni and birds nest direct to the public and they have just opened up their eatery for one year and it provides an opportunity to taste some premium uni.

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Colourful Yunnan, Burwood East

There’s plenty of Colourful Yunnan chains in Melbourne and we hit up the one in Burwood for a friendly catch up. The service was efficient, the staff were friendly and it does get busy so definitely make a booking so you don’t have to wait. Walking in you can smell the amazing soup bases and it really does get your mouth watering. The concept is pretty easy. Individual hot pot and order whatever the hell you’d like to put in it and of course no need to share either!

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Edwin Wine Bar and Cellar, Southbank

With so many places in Melbourne to check out we decided to venture a touch away from the city so explore and we made our way to Edwin Wine Bar and Cellar. Chic interior and cool vibe, Edwin is definitely where it’s at. The night started off with a selection of meats and cheese where each 40g will range from $10-$12 per type and yep, definitely worth it and you can get a huge variety.

Selection of meats and cheeses

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Ramen Bankara, Melbourne

Whilst wandering around in the city we were getting a bit peckish and sifted through our Entertainment book to see what deals we had and BAM we landed at Ramen Bankara. Since anytime is ramen time, Mr D did not hesitate. We were greeted by the staff and was shown to our table (luckily we like to eat early and there were plenty of tables free). We couldn’t NOT get kaarage (fried chicken) and was super excited when it came out. Unfortunately, it was quite dry on the inside.

Tori Kaarage – $7.80

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Gaijin Japanese Fusion, South Yarra

My old work colleague has been raving on about this Japanese joint that he absolutely adores and I figured why not hit it up on our next catchup. Gaijin is located on Commercial Road in South Yarra, just a bit further out than the other restaurants which means plenty of parking around. A reservation was recommended according to the website and so I followed the instructions, texted them and did not get a response. So my friend made the booking and BAM she got a reservation. Not a great start for me. Now, back to the night, the staff were super friendly and we were excited! One of the specials that night was the cheesy gyozas. I adore gyozas and I adore cheese and together, they were MAGICAL!

Cheesy Gyozas – $15

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