Phat Milk, Travancore

What to do when you’ve got a free day? Brunch of course! Not wanting to go too far we headed to Phat Milk with the girlies for our brunch date. It was a cold and windy day in Melbourne and we quickly rushed into Phat Milk. There were a few tables at the front but there were plenty more at the back. We sat down, relaxed, and flicked through the menu. The staff was so patient while we decided what to get.

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New Taipei, Melbourne

When you’re wondering around in the city and your xiao long bao cravings hit, you hit it back by getting them XLB into your belly. I love trying new places I haven’t been to and walking past New Taipei, we steered right in. We were greeted by friendly staff and there weren’t a lot of customers yet so we quickly grabbed a table. Mr D got the Sichuan Style chilled poached chicken dry la mian and it was bloody fantastic. It was quite spicy (for me anyway) but it was quite refreshing and full of flavour. The noodles had a bite to it and my gosh Mr D was going to town on this dish.

Sichuan Style Chilled Poached Chicken Dry La Mian – $12.80

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Chotto Motto, Collingwood

The stooges and I are massive fans of Japanese food, in particular gyozas. When we heard that Chotto Motto are serving gyozas, we had to check it out. Located in Collingwood, just off the main road, there’s plenty of free parking around the area if you go to the side streets. Inside the restaurant, it was filled with cool retro decor including a vending machine to get your drinkies.

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The Modern Eatery, Richmond

The iconic neon cat with the letters sprawled “TME” across it. Located on the busy Swan Street in Richmond. The Modern Eatery, house of Aburi. We love everything and anything Japanese so we were super duper excited to check it out with One Piece Left.

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Flovie Florist Cafe, Carlton

Flovie Florist Cafe is the new baby in Carlton, newly opened for 6 weeks and already there’s a queue on the outside. A place for brunch AND to buy flowers, it’s definitely a new concept in Melbourne and we’re loving it. It’s a very instagrammable cafe where it’s easily accessible, there’s a lot of pros to this place already. We arrived just before 10AM on a Sunday and got a table straight away because if we arrived even 5 minutes later, we would have been lining up outside.

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Bun Bun Bakery, Springvale

I’m a Nhu Lan kinda gal when it comes to banh mi thit so when someone says to check out a Vietnamese pork roll joint, my mind instantly goes into using Nhu Lan as the standard. Bun Bun Bakery wasn’t too busy when we got there. Like every other Banh Mi joint, it doesn’t have seating and it’s a quick in and out kinda place.

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La Bohemia, Nobel Park

La Bohemia cafe is a little gem hidden away in Nobel Park. It’s small, cute and ran but friendly staff. We ordered our meals the day before (we had that day) so we could eat quickly and get back to the grind after lunch. The food came out quick smart and we were ready to chow down.

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Little Byrd, Ascot Vale

On the busy street of Union Road in Ascot Vale sits a humble cafe with a relaxed atmosphere and interior design. Little Byrd doesn’t have a massive sign out front but you know which one it is with locals sitting outside and inside laughing with their cup of coffe/tea/juice/chocolate. I thought it’ll be a great daddy daughter day and showed daddy bear the ropes of a Melbourne brunch.

Daddy bear got the long macchiato and holy smokes it was good. It was strong, it was full bodied AND it definitely had a huge punch to it and I can guarantee you that it’ll knock you straight into next week.

Long Macchiato – $4

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