Da Rin – Korean Fried Chicken, Melbourne CBD

An outing with the stooges can only mean one thing, GLORIOUS FOOD! Since I was no longer a westie *cries silently inside* this meant that we had to eat in the CBD. Stooge 1 was craving Korean food and we decided on Da Rin in Bourke Street. We made a booking for a Tuesday night but when we arrived, it wasn’t busy at all so we just walked straight in. We were seated at our tables and the cutlery were oh so cute, like it was telling us “get ready for some food in ya belly”.

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NeNe Chicken, Maribyrnong (Highpoint Shopping Centre)

Regular Original (5pc) – $10.95


Mrs Creative had a trial for a job and suggested NeNe chicken for some fried fingerlickin’ chicken for dinner. NeNe chicken is located in the new food court on Level 1 at Highpoint and has been opened for quite a while now. It was a touch busy and we were baffled with the choice. We decided to get the regular original pieces because hey, who could beat original anything. It came with complimentary coleslaw and radish. 

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