Club Italia, Sunshine

We had a workies lunch date to celebrate the final days of working in the lead up to Christmas. We decided that local was the way to go and everyone can leave whenever they wished. We all voted and ended up going to Club Italia. Club Italia is located right next to Sunshine Hospital and there’s a dining area right next to the pokies. It has a real pub feeling to it so don’t come down dressed in your finest garments. We put our orders through at work and when we got there, we were seated promptly and the food came out 10-15mins later (not shabby at all). I got chicken and pumpkin risotto and this was very thick. It did look quite appetising at first but once I shoveled it (Yes, I was super hungry) into my mouth, there wasn’t a lot of flavour. Not something I would come back for.

Risotto Chicken, Pumpkin and Feta – $19.90
Arborio rice cooked with pumpkin, fetta, chicken and rocket in a vegetable stock

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