Breakfast Thieves, Fitzroy

Any time is brunch time and when we had a free weekend, we checked out Breakfast Thieves in Fitzroy. It looked a little warehouse-y but i was quite cosy and the staff were super friendly when you enter through the doors. There’s plenty of parking around too don’t fret. Now we started off with a latte and this was quite average.

Latte – $4

The Mr Benedict includes braised pork jowl with crunchy greens, poached eggs and a burnt butter hollandaise. This dish is only available on weekends and public holidays. It was quite a salty dish overall but those eggs were cooked perfectly and oozed out a yolky goodness when popped.

Mr Benedict – $24
Braised pork jowl in nam-jim, charred french bean, crisp kale, poached eggs, burnt butter hollandaise, sourdough toast

The legend consists of baked eggs with chorizo, mushrooms and served with garlic toast and careful guys, it’s hot when it comes out to you. It’s also quite a spicy dish and yes, my spiciness tolerance is quite low and struggled a bit. Again this dish was also very salty which was quite disappointing.

The Legend – $23
Spicy baked eggs, spanish hot chorizo, mushroom, crisp chickpea, sweet corn, cows’ feta, herbed garlic toast

For those congee lovers out there, the return of the Botak Chin. I am not a congee kind a gal at all but I would definitely get this again. It was flavoursome and when I had it, I felt like I was back with mumsy bear. It’s so comforting but light and delicate at the same time.

Return of Botak Chin – $24
Master stock & honey braised pork belly, asian congee, crisp wonton skin, sesame oil confit baby mushroom, boiled egg, fried shallot, spring onion

To finish off brunch, we got the french toast and holy moly this was delish! The pandan coconut jam and that brulee banana, it was oh so sweet and the pandan flavour was quite strong. The only complaint I had was the french toast was quite dry.

French Toast – $23
Brioche french toast, pandan coconut jam, brulee banana, strawberry, candied walnut, pineapple curd

Breakfast Thieves serves a great congee and french toast with great service. However, the other dishes were quite salty and the coffee was quite average. On the weekends and public holidays there is a surcharge of 10% so do keep that in mind if you come by here.

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1/420 Gore St, Fitzroy VIC 3065
Tel: (03) 8899 6634
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