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Welcome to Linnie Eats All The Food, a Melbourne-based food blog with a splash of interstate and overseas food adventures. My name is Linnie (which I’m sure you’ve figured out) and you can find my tummy’s food adventures ranging from cheap eats to fine dining. I love trying everything and anything although my eyes light up (there’s also uncontrollable drooling involved) when someone mentions French cuisine.

I travel near and far to find a good feed and poor Mr D is the one that usually has to find a way to get me there. I have recently caught the travel bug and there’s just so many countries I want to visit (basically the whole world) for their culture, tradition and of course food! I laugh way too much, am a touch awkward (just a touch) and my eyes are way bigger than my tummy.

Join me on my food adventures and let me find the next perfect place for you to take your special friend/family/squad/children/[insert companion type here].

If you have any recommendations or just want to say hey, you can drop me an email at: Linnieeats@gmail.com

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