Dragon Hotpot – Swanston St, Melbourne

I’m not a huge fan of hotpot so when the girlies from my old work place wanted to catch up over hotpot, I hesitated but of course agreed to our little outing. We were meeting up at Dragon Hotpot on Swanston street and luckily it wasn’t super busy on a Wednesday night. It’s quite a small venue so there isn’t a lot of seating so guys, first in first served and there’s usually a long line of customers trying to get a table.

It can get confusing how this works but once you get the hang of it, you’re going to go crazy! So you basically walk in and on the left side is where all the goodie are at. From noodles to meats to fishballs to seafood, it’s a hotpot galore.

So you basically you get your pot, put in everything you want in your hotpot, go to the counter and weigh your pot. So they charge by weight but the minimum weight is 400g.

After paying for your hotpot, you hand your pot over to the staff and they’ll cook it for you, just let them know how spicy you want. I went for medium. Now, when my bowl of hotpot came out, it was GINORMOUS and smelt so good. Oh, medium spiciness was actually quite spicy for me but it gave it a nice kick.

I’m not a fan of traditional hotpot but I love Dragon hotpot. I love the idea of putting everything I want into my pot and the staff cooking it and handing me a bowl of noodle soup. I would definitely be back and it’s a great option if you want a quick feed for a decent price.

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Level 1/251 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000
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