Cha Cha, Springvale

Milk tea. The increasingly popular drink that everyone is very familiar with. I’m quite familiar with Cha Cha in Springvale as they catered for a friend’s wedding (yes! You can defs get milk tea at your wedding you milk tea lovers!). So when the cravings hit, Ms Chanel suggested Cha Cha and we couldn’t resist. I got the messy black sugar pearl and it definitely hit the spot. Not overly sweet with the right amount of sugar with those soft chewy pearls. Loving the service, loving the drink and basically loving everything.

Verdict: 🍷🍷🍷🍷
Food: 🍷🍷🍷🍷
Service: 🍷🍷🍷🍷
Value: 🍷🍷🍷🍷

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23A Buckingham Ave, Springvale VIC 3171
Tel: (03) 9548 0816
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Pepper Lunch Elizabeth, Melbourne

We’ve walked past Pepper Lunch multiple times while venturing in the city and figured “why not?” and finally checked it out. First thing we noticed, it was self service. The downside, there wasn’t any menus available and the only ones were on the screen which a lot of people took up time just searching through what they wanted before they were set on what to order. Place your order, scan your table number and pay at the self service via card. You can order at the counter if you’re paying by cash or have a voucher and that’s another option.

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Da Long Yi Hot Pot, Melbourne

If you’ve been in Melbourne for a while you will know that plenty of venues have been popping up that serves hotpot. For those who don’t know what hotpot is, let me give you a brief overview. Basically you get a pot of broth in the middle and once it boils, you chuck in whatever you’d want to eat which could be various meats, fish balls, veggies and noodles. You cook them in your pot, cook it, dip it in whichever sauce you’d like and BAM Bob’s your uncle. Mr D was in charge of picking a hotpot place and we ended up at Da Long Yi Hotpot. Da Long Yi Hotpot is a huge venue, double story and located conveniently on Elizabeth Street.

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The Grand Tofu, Glen Waverly

Another Friday means another eatery at Glen Waverly and this time it was The Grand Tofu. Now if you’ve ever walked past here, it gets super duper busy so we decided to get there just before lunch time. We were able to get a table for 6 quick smart and we already knew what we were ordering.

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Dragon Hot Pot, Glen Waverly

Dragon Hot Pot has made a name for themselves, opening more and more shops around Melbourne so it’s no surprise when they decide to embrace veganism and release a vegan Ma La Tang soup base! So if you’ve never been here before, just walk in, get a table and then pick up a pot and put whatever the hell you want in the pot. From meat to seafood to fishcake and heaps of veggies, there’s something for everyone. Once you’ve got all your ingredients, shuffle over to the counter so they can weigh your pot and it’s $3.38 per 100g and the minimum weight you need is 400g. So you’ve guessed it, the more you put in your pot, the more you gotta pay.

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Ramen Bankara, Melbourne

Whilst wandering around in the city we were getting a bit peckish and sifted through our Entertainment book to see what deals we had and BAM we landed at Ramen Bankara. Since anytime is ramen time, Mr D did not hesitate. We were greeted by the staff and was shown to our table (luckily we like to eat early and there were plenty of tables free). We couldn’t NOT get kaarage (fried chicken) and was super excited when it came out. Unfortunately, it was quite dry on the inside.

Tori Kaarage – $7.80

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Dumpling Empire, Glen Waverly

Moving along all the restaurants on Kingsway in Glen Waverly, we were up to The Dumpling Empire. As you would be aware, The Glen and the surrounding restaurants are always packed so we always park in the multicomplex carpark around the corner (it’s also FREE!). We got in just before lunch time and it was quite empty but 10 minutes later, it was packed! We flicked through the menu and started our dumpling feast. The food came out quick smart.

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Masizzim – The Glen, Glen Waverly

The Glen has opened up a new dining section and my gosh it’s getting filled up by many awesomeness eateries. One of these eateries is Masizzim which serves up dun dun dun…Korean food! I almost missed this place, it’s located upstairs so look up guys. It’s a spacious beautiful venue and when you step in, you’re welcomed like you’re part of the fam. Our waitress Brenda showed us to our table and she was oh so friendly and lovely that you couldn’t help but smile. We ordered a few things (by few we mean a touch too much) and got our bellies ready for ALL ‘EM FOOD!

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Rambo’s Kebab, Clayton

When people think of kebabs they think of a drunken night out and stumbling to the closest van or food truck to grab a big ol’ kebab to sober up. You all know about HSP packs and kebabs but have you had a HSP burger? No? Let me take you down to Rambo’s Kebabs in Clayton. Situated right next to the petrol station, you can either park at the servo or on the side street. The staff are friendly and efficient and will make sure you get your drunken (or in my case sober) feed.

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Shujinko – The Glen, Glen Waverley

The Glen has just opened up their new dining precinct and that means more restaurants are popping up. One of those restaurants is Shujinko. Yes, there are plenty of those around Melbourne and finally, the south east finally has theirs. It’s very cosy and there’s not a lot of seatings available so it’s first in best dressed.

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