ITALY: Venchi, Firenze (Florence)

We just had dinner and I needed dessert pronto. We fought through the wind and rain and ended up at Venchi because…wait for it….THEY HAVE A CHOCOLATE WATERFALL WALL (WHAT???!!)!! 

So, basicallly you pay first and then shuffle over to the left where your eyes will feast on the AMAZEBALL flavours!

I got the flavour with vanilla ice cream with chocolate on top and MY GOSH, it was AMAZEBALL!! Mr D got the chocolate on top of dark chocolate and even I thought it was AWESOME! Gosh, it was both so good, so chocolate-ly, so orgasmic! I’m so glad that I made Mr D push through the rain to have gelato here. I really hope Venchi comes to Melbourne.

Via Calzaiuoli 65/R – 50122 Firenze, Italy
Tel: +39 055 264339

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