FRANCE: La Tete A Toto, Paris

Miss Tour Guide and her hubby decided to take us out for some FRENCH food because you guessed it, we were in FRANCE! They took us to la tete a toto and the setting is a classroom in a school where the tables and chairs they used were what was used in a school (nerd alert!). It was super adorable as!!

We were seated and the wait staff were super friendly and we found out that their english weren’t that great but lucky for us, we gots Miss Tour Guide. For entree I got, you guessed it, FOIE GRAS again!!! It was GODDAMN good!!!

Foie Gras

Mr D didn’t feel too well so he skipped the entree and went straight to the main. He just got the parisian salad (salad are for suckers I know!) and to be honest, it was pretty average. Sure it had cheese and ham, but the dressing was some oil and balsamic which wasn’t that impressive. Anywho, Mr D enjoyed it and that’s all that mattered.

Parisian Salad

I got the cheeseburger for a main (after a lot of convincing…) and the meat in the cheeseburger was so YUMMO!!! The chips though, not so good and there wasn’t any salt on it at all…


Now, after our huge meal, the wait staff came over with a huge platter of DESSERT!! It was so colourful, so beautiful, so may dessert to choose from. I just couldn’t DECIDE!!!

Dessert Platter

After much deliberation, I decided to get the tiramisu to share with Mr D. There was WAAYYYY too  much cream but I didn’t complain (CREAM FOR ALL!!) and very YUMMO and creamy!! They were a bit stingy on the sponge soaked in alcohol and that was Mr D’s only complaint.

The service was great with super friendly staff, the food was pretty decent and the decorations were so ADORABLE! It’s a good spot to have a casual dinner with your mates whilst reminiscing about the past and I’m glad Miss Tour Guide introduced us to this little gem.

270 rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine, Paris 75012, France
01 43 07 28 73

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