ITALY: La Grotta Guelfa, Firenze (Florence)

For our last night in Florence I felt much better so we decided to venture into alleyways and steer away from the tourist main roads. I’m so glad we chose to do that because BAM we ran into La Grotta Guelfa and sure, it looks like every other pizza joint but I was too tired to go any further so in we went.

The staff were all smileys and ushered us in and gave us the menu. Mr D got the spaghetti cabonara once again. Finally, Mr D has found a pretty good cabonara. The creaminess was to his liking, he didn’t need to add salt, he didn’t complain, he just ATE IT! Finally! Scratch that, he did complain about something, not having a HUGE portion.


He also ordered a garden salad so we can feel healthy but with all the cheese, meats, pasta, pizza base, a little bowl of garden salad wasn’t going to balance it. They usually give you just the salad and you just add in however much olive oil and balsamic.

Garden Salad

I got a pizza and it was FANTABULOUS! The base was so light and fluffly, the cheese mixed with the tomato base was amazing and of course mushrooms and meat! LOVE IT!! I did try to finish it but since I was sick, Mr D refused to finish it off for me (BOOOO!).

No matter how full I am, my dessert stomach always grumble if I don’t feed it after dinner. I couldn’t resist and I got strawberry panna cotta and my gosh it was AMAZEBALL!! They even used REAL strawberries!! It wasn’t super sweet but just sweet enough yo!

Strawberry Panna Cotta

Love this little (not really that little) joint. Amazing food, amazing service, attentive staff and everyone is always smiling. Wished we found this place earlier, but at least we found it!

Via Pellicceria, 50123 Firenze, Italy
Tel: +39 055 210042

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