ITALY: Pizzeria Cip Ciap, Venice

While walking around Venice we walked by a cute pizza shop that had pizzas displayed out in the front. 

The pizza were sold by weight and Mr D wanted to give it a try (weird since he’s NOT a pizza person at all). The staff were friendly and we were served immediately. We got the pizza to go since I was super tired from all the shopping and had the pizzas in our hotel.

First up, the margherita and it was average. I had such high hopes and for it but it was very average. The dough wasn’t super great, very thick but Iguess since we were in a tourist spot I couldn’t complain.


Mr D got the pepperoni and this too was average. The pepperoni slices was great though, spicy but great.


It’s a very average joint where if you need a quick lunch for a decent price, drop by here. But if you’re looking for amazing pizza, this isn’t the place to be.

Calle del Mondo Novo 5799/A, Venice, Italy

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