ITALY: Ristorante Da Sabrina, Venezia (Venice)

For our last night in Venice Mr D and I walked around the streets to find a super cute place for dinner. Mr D didn’t want to go since I forgot the map (oopsie daisies) and we landed at Ristorante Da Sabrina.

The staff were super friendly and since it was 6PM, people weren’t eating yet so there were heaps of tables free for my taking (take all the tables!!). We were seated next to a couple from the Sunshine coast and we got talking and they were pretty cool. Anywho, Mr D got the….CABONARA (yes, every freaking meal) and it came out pretty quick. He didn’t enjoy it. It was way too salty, not creamy and wasn’t big enough at all.


I got squid ink spaghetti and it was alright, a bit on the salty and oily side. Now, if you get this dish, be warned, your whole mouth, teeth and tongue will get BLACK due to the squid ink (very attractive for your kissing buddy)

Squid Ink Spaghetti

Mr D and I decided to share a dessert and it was ladies choice and I picked the tiramisu. It was quite disappointing. The cream was DELISH though but the sponge filled alcohol…I couldn’t find it.


I didn’t mind this place. The staff and service was great. The staff were super funny (Mr D found it annoying but he gets annoyed at everything), the prices were decent and the food was average.

Salizada San Lio, Venezia, Italy
Tel: +39 041 241 1003

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